I want to write about my favorite school subject today. Now I'm a university student, but I want to tell you what I was in school days. I like History, English, and Music. I like History because I can feel romance for long long time. We study Japanese history and World history in high school. I studied hard World history to enter exam for university. I would really like World history class member. It was so much fan! Why do I like despite this subject is so hard to memorize? Because I could know the origin of the culture in each country. Culture is related to history. History is one of culture! My knowledge of history is motivation to study culture and language now. If you don't like History, you should study great person's funny episodes. Then you can definitely become a history freak. I'll tell you about the other favorite subject tomorrow!
May 14, 2021 4:16 PM
Language Skills
English, Japanese, Spanish
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