Some of my favourites in English. Chocolate teapot / chocolate fireguard = useless "My managers as much use as a chocolate tea pot." Bostin' (more Black country/ Staffordshire area) = Brilliant, awesome the best thing ever. Highest compliment we give. You might when describing a child say, "He / she's a little boster" = a good child. To half inch = to pinch/steal more about a friend borrowing with out asking or nicking (stealing) a chip of a friend/family members plate. Not for serious theft. "She's half inched my cuppa! (cup of tea)" Pickled = someome who's drunk. "He's well pickled" The Black sheep - someone who doesn't fit in. I'm English I don't know how many of these are in use in other English speaking Countries.
Dec 4, 2020 9:22 PM
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As an American we only use the last two. I love British slang.
December 5, 2020