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🇷🇺Russian and 🇺🇦Ukrainianian languages are similar? Hi! I'm Alona and today I'd like to speak about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian languages,by the way,both are my native languages.😊 A lot of people ask me how similar Russian and Ukrainian languages,so I think is common questions and would like to explain it. By the way,I can speak both of them fluently. Well, today I'll show you the similarities and differences in both languages: Russian and Ukrainian. Ways how to say "I have" In Russian: У меня есть In Ukrainian : У мене є So, it's similar a little bit. Pronunciation I would like to note only one interesting fact of Russian language. In Russian language O is often pronounced as A but in Ukrainian no. For instance, the word "молоко"(milk) In Russian: malako In Ukrainian: moloko. Subscribe to my account and follow the next posts✨ If you want to start learning Russian today, click "book a lesson" Today is the best tomorrow 😝
Nov 4, 2021 9:25 AM
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