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In the last essay, I said that next time I would share some interesting things from when I was in elementary school. Ok, let's get started. The name of our school is the same name of my village, and the children in the surrounding four natural villages all attend this school. The school was behind my village, just across the village river. Our classroom was the simplest Adobe house, and its roof was not made of tiles but wheat straw. There were about three rooms in the classroom. This kind of classroom was also good, cool in summer and warm in winter. Our desks and stools were all made of clay mixed with wheat straw, and we made them by ourselves. When summer vacation came, we didn't need to go to school, so we made desks and stools under the guidance of our teachers. The main function of the wheat straw is to prevent cracking. Because of the high temperature of summer, those desks and stools would dry quickly when they were formed, and that means they were finished. But there was a lot of rain in summer. We had to pay a lot of attention to the rain, because those stuff would be scrapped if they got wet. We would polish the surface of the desks to make them smooth before we used them, and I can still recall the cool and smooth feelings when I put my hands on them. Although the learning conditions back then were very bad, we all studied hard. Our grades were not only not worse than children in cities, but also better than them. So until now, I still think that there is no inevitable connection between good academic performance and learning conditions. The key is that you have to love learning, and be good at learning. Of course, the necessary talents are still needed. Is anything interesting in your elementary school? Why don't you tell us about it?
May 11, 2021 12:42 PM
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