I always enjoy taking conversation classes in the languages I'm learning. The first lesson is the hardest, and I get super nervous, but then I get through the lesson and learn what my speaking level is really at, and it's always worth it. 

My German lesson with Meike was super fun. I had been studying German for some years, but this was the first conversation I had ever had with a teacher. We even learned that she had visited my small Canadian town! I learned a bunch of words that will stick in my brain much easier than if I had merely read them in a textbook. She was wonderful to speak with, and I look forward to taking more lessons with her in the future.

Hello! My name is Nellie and I love learning languages:) I'm currently learning and improving German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, and American Sign Language. If you would enjoy video diaries of my learning process, my Youtube channel is under the name Nellie Janzen.