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Share what motivates you to keep learning a new language. The secret to why some learn a new language faster than others? It's motivation.
Ciao studenti e studentesse di tutto il mondo! 🌍 Avete sentito dell'Italki Language Challenge? sul mio profilo troverete un'offerta speciale dedicata a questo evento, affrettatevi a prenotare il vostro pacchetto in modo da utilizzare al meglio lo sconto! Altrimenti potete prenotare una semplice lezione e fare l'attività che preferite di lettura, scrittura, conversazione, ascolto, grammatica e tanto altro per allenarci con l'Italiano, ho pensato ad un programma speciale che comprende tutte le attività per migliorare complessivamente l'italiano senza tralasciare nessun aspetto della lingua! 🇮🇹 Sono sempre disponibile per maggiori informazioni! 🙂 Hello students from all over the world! 🌍 Have you heard about the Italki Language Challenge? on my profile you will find a special offer dedicated to this event, hurry up to book your package in order to make the most of the discount! Otherwise if you like you can book a simple lesson and do the activity of your choice of reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and much more to train with Italian, I have thought of a special program that includes all the activities to improve overall Italian without neglecting any aspect of the language! 🇮🇹 I am always available for more information! 🙂
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Сьогодні понеділок, і це старт нового тижня! В понеділок ми ставимо для себе нові цілі, плануємо наші дні, думаємо, що ми хочемо робити на вихідних. В понеділок у нас завжди багато енергії, є бажання працювати та займатися спортом, а також, велике бажання вчити улюблену мову або мови. Якщо ти вчиш українську, цей текст для тебе буде чудовою мотивацією та натхненням, щоб вчити українську або інші мови далі! Гарного тижня!
Маєш достатньо мотивації вчити мову? (Do you have enough motivation to learn a language?)
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Oct 3, 2022 11:32 AM
Often times we say we have grammar problems, we make a lot of mistakes, right? But what are your grammar problems specifically? What are your specific mistakes? Most of the time students have no idea, they just say it out of habit and over the past 15 thousand online classes for me it became apparent that students lack of clarity and understanding of themselves, therefore, they drop they self-esteem on the floor and leave it.. After many trials and errors they listen to different teachers and advice and they try to 'become confident'. Right? How to become confident? By allowing yourself to be yourself, by doing your best without inner critique and without self-sabotage. How are you sabotaging your success as a learner? By thinking the thoughts you are thinking in your head, by seeing negative pictures of the future, by make the ‘inner movie, the movie in your mind’ dark and gloomy and you are the character who is laughed at.. Is this the real you? Is it the future you are after? But you are creating it unconsciously… Did it ever occur to you? What are you doing to change it? What’s available for you out there in the wild internet to help you become aware of it ( first ), then break this pattern ( second ) and lastly to change the habit of doing it.. Later today I’ll do a podcast on this topic and I’ll paint a picture for you of a real person that does the above and you can witness what happens to them by yourself and relate/change your thinking towards yourself through them. The world is as bright as you make it.. You are the ‘brightness’ adjuster :) !!!
Oct 3, 2022 4:12 AM
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