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Many people perceive the Korean language as challenging due to its extensive vocabulary, speaking/listening grammar, exceptions in grammar rules, expressions, and nuanced usage in different situations. These challenges can be influenced by individual goals as well as one's language background and abilities. Consequently, it is crucial to adopt customized, analyzed materials and diverse approaches, along with specific strategies, tips, and sequences, instead of relying solely on mechanical teaching methods. Therefore, I have developed a special formula and curriculum based on proven strategies. This comprehensive approach thoroughly examines all aspects of the language you wish to learn. For example, when it comes to speaking, listening, writing, and reading, it is not solely about the quantity of words or grammar rules one knows, or the duration of their study. What is important is understanding the words, grammar patterns, and expressions that Koreans commonly and frequently use and desire , and then learning strategies to study and practice them effectively, while also addressing any habits that may impede your future development. Therefore, by utilizing my analyzed materials and approaches, you can become proficient in essential language skills such as letter memorization and correct pronunciation. Additionally, you can explore various components like vocabulary, expressions, grammar, culture, slang, idioms, history, blogs, webtoons, books, movies, dramas, songs, literature, translation, and interpretation.
When studying Korean, what is the most challenging aspect?
Speaking grammar
Listening grammar
Reading grammar
Writing grammar
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May 27, 2023 7:57 PM
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