Learning a new language can be overwhelming, but it becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience with the right tools and techniques. If you’re eager to learn French by yourself, finding the best app is crucial.

Find the best app to learn French

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best app to learn French in 2024, comparing their features, benefits, and unique selling points to help you choose the perfect one for your language learning journey.

5 best apps to learn French

There are several apps to learn French grammar, vocabulary pronunciation and sentence structuring. All these apps have their distinct features, advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one that suits your learning needs.

1. Duolingo


Duolingo is a well-known language-learning app that has made a significant impact since its launch. It uses a gamified approach to make learning fun and addictive.

Key features

  • Gamification: Earn points, unlock levels, and compete with friends.
  • Bite-sized lessons: Short, interactive lessons that fit into any schedule.
  • Adaptive learning: Personalized learning paths based on your progress.
  • Community engagement: Join clubs and participate in forums for practice and motivation.


  • Engaging and fun interface.
  • Free to use, with optional premium features.
  • Covers a wide range of skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


  • Limited depth in advanced topics.
  • Heavy reliance on translation exercises.

Ideal for:

Beginners and intermediate learners looking for a fun, flexible way to start their French learning journey.


2. Babbel


Babbel is renowned for its practical approach to language learning, focusing on real-life conversations and useful vocabulary.

Key features

  • Conversation-based lessons: Emphasis on dialogue and practical use.
  • Grammar tips: Integrated grammar explanations to aid understanding.
  • Personalized review: Tailored reviews to reinforce learning.
  • Cultural insights: Contextual learning with cultural notes.


  • Lessons designed by linguistic experts.
  • Focus on practical vocabulary and grammar.
  • Interactive and varied exercises.


  • Requires a subscription after the initial free lesson.
  • Less gamified than some competitors.

Ideal for:

Learners who want to quickly gain practical communication skills and prefer structured lessons with clear explanations.


3.   Memrise


Memrise combines gamification with a strong emphasis on vocabulary building and memorization, leveraging spaced repetition techniques.

Key features

  • Spaced repetition: Ensures long-term retention of vocabulary.
  • User-generated content: Access a wide range of courses created by other users.
  • Video clips: Learn from native speakers through short video clips.
  • Interactive games: Reinforce learning with fun, interactive games.


  • Effective vocabulary building.
  • Variety of content and learning styles.
  • Affordable pricing with free options available.


  • Less focus on grammar and comprehensive language skills.
  • An interface can be overwhelming with user-generated content.

Ideal for:

Learners who want to expand their vocabulary quickly and enjoy a varied, interactive learning experience.


4. Busuu


Busuu offers a comprehensive language learning experience with a strong community aspect, allowing learners to practice with native speakers.

Key features

  • AI-powered personalization: Customized study plans based on your goals.
  • Practice with natives: Submit exercises to native speakers for feedback.
  • Grammar lessons: In-depth grammar explanations and exercises.
  • Offline mode: Download lessons for offline study.


  • Community-based learning with real feedback.
  • Detailed grammar and language structure.
  • Balanced approach to all language skills.


  • Some features require a premium subscription.
  • Limited free content.

Ideal for:

Learners seeking a balanced and social learning experience with the opportunity to interact with native speakers.


5.   Lingodeer


Lingodeer offers a structured and comprehensive approach to learning French, focusing on grammar and sentence structure.

Key features

  • Comprehensive lessons: Cover all language skills, including grammar.
  • Interactive exercises: Engage with varied and interactive exercises.
  • Progress tracking: Monitor your learning progress and achievements.
  • Multilingual support: Learn multiple languages within one app.


  • Detailed grammar explanations.
  • High-quality content and user-friendly interface.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Less gamified compared to some other apps.
  • Limited community features.

Ideal for:

Learners who prefer a structured approach with a strong emphasis on grammar and comprehensive language skills.


There are several ways to learn the French language. For example, you can learn French by podcasts.  But nothing can beat the effectiveness of an authentic language-learning platform. italki is a unique language learning platform that connects learners with native-speaking teachers worldwide. It is an excellent medium for French learning as it offers personalized, one-on-one lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Learn the French language with italki

italki stands out from traditional language learning apps by offering a human touch to your learning experience. The key features of italki include the following:

Personalized lessons

italki offers highly personalized one-on-one lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals. You can choose from various professional teachers and community tutors who specialize in different areas, such as conversational skills, business French, exam preparation, and more.

Flexible scheduling

One of the standout features of italki is its flexible scheduling. You can book lessons at times that are convenient for you, making it easier to fit language learning into your busy schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for learners with varying availability or those in different time zones.

A wide range of teachers

italki provides access to a diverse pool of teachers from around the world. You can filter online French teachers based on their teaching style, background, specializations, availability, and price. This variety ensures that you can find a teacher who best matches your learning preferences and goals.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your French tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

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Interactive learning

The platform emphasizes interactive learning through real-time conversations with French-speaking tutors. This direct interaction helps improve your speaking and listening skills, build confidence, and receive instant pronunciation and language use feedback.

Affordable options

italki offers a wide range of pricing options, allowing you to find a teacher within your budget. Professional teachers typically charge more, while community tutors offer more affordable rates. This range ensures that language learning can be accessible to a wider audience.

French tutor listing page

Enrollment process at italki

  • Go to italki
  • Make a profile for yourself
  • Fill in all of the required information
  • Navigate to the ‘Find a Teacher’ section
  • Use the filter to find a French teacher
  • Select the teacher who best meets your needs
  • Schedule a trial lesson at a discounted rate
  • Follow the tutor’s instructions
  • Request feedback
  • Keep track of your progress

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best app to learn French for beginners?

Duolingo is often recommended for beginners due to its gamified approach and bite-sized lessons. It makes learning fun and easy to fit into a busy schedule. The app covers basic vocabulary and grammar, providing a solid foundation for new learners.

What app is best for improving French speaking skills?

italki is excellent for improving speaking skills as it connects you with native French-speaking teachers for personalized one-on-one lessons. This direct interaction helps you practice real conversations and receive instant feedback.

Are there apps that offer personalized learning experiences?

italki offers highly personalized learning experiences by allowing you to choose your teachers and tailor lessons to your specific goals. This ensures that the learning process is aligned with your needs and preferences.


Choosing the best app to learn French ultimately depends on your needs and learning style. Each app offers unique features and advantages, so consider trying a few to see which one aligns best with your goals. Remember, consistency and practice are essential to mastering any language.

Book your online French lessons at italki and enhance your learning journey under the supervision of experienced French tutors. Visit the website today!

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