Games are an excellent method of learning a new language. Playing the games will probably make your kids enthused about learning French.

This guide will discuss various French learning games, such as board games at home, social games in groups, and internet games that kids can play alone. We’ll also go over the main benefits of learning French through games.

Explore the best French games for kids

10 best French games for kids

Although there are several books to learn French, we cannot deny the importance of learning French through games. Nothing is better than learning French while having fun. We have categorized the French games into different sections. You can choose the one that fits your requirements.

French social games for kids

Groups of three or more are ideal for playing the following social games. For instance, you can play one of these entertaining games to practice French while having a playdate with multiple kids in French.

Jacques a dit

This is the French version of the famous game Simon Says. It’s an excellent method to practice hearing and adhering to directions in French. It’s also a fantastic method to practice body part vocabulary in French!

Furthermore, no equipment is required to play this game. All you need is a bunch of children and someone to give them instructions in French that begin with “Jacques a dit”. It is undoubtedly one of the best games to learn basic French words. The kids can easily enrich their French vocabulary with the help of this simple yet exciting game.

Avec mes yeux d’espion

English speakers will be familiar with this popular game as well. It’s an ‘I Spy’ game translated into French. To play, one person must choose an object in the room and then use French to explain it to the other players. The next spy is the first person to guess the object properly.

For beginners learning French, this is an excellent learning game where they may practice vocabulary relating to colors, shapes, letters, everyday items, and more. It’s a game that also doesn’t need any extra equipment.

Que Suis-Je?

This educational game for learning French resembles the vintage 20 Questions game. One participant thinks in French of an animal, person, or thing. The other participants then alternately try to guess what the other player thinks about by responding with a yes or no question.

Kids can practice utilizing a lot of popular French vocabulary while asking and answering questions in French by playing this game. It’s another that can be played anywhere and requires no extra equipment.

Include kids in social French games

French online games for kids

Digital Dialects

There are games for learning French vocabulary related to numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, and more on the Digital Dialects website in the French language section. There are activities to practice French verb conjugations and advanced vocabulary words for intermediate to advanced French language learners.


Kids can practice and acquire French vocabulary for colors, animals, numbers, the alphabet, and more by playing many games on the Hello-World website.

Quia French

There are games for vocabulary and grammar in French on the Quia French website. Most of the activities are appropriate for kids with beginner, moderate, and advanced French language proficiency and were made by French teachers.

French board and card games for kids

Mon premier verger

There is a French board game called Mon Premier Verger for young children aged two and up. There can be two to four participants in this game. The game aims to be the first player to load their basket with fruit from the orchard.

By engaging in this game, young French language learners can practice their French vocabulary related to numbers, colors, shapes, and fruits. This board game is available on


Mistri is the best French card game for children three and up. The game aims to gather as many cards as possible by comparing the color or number of the card on the table with the card in your hand.

Kids can use this game to practice their French vocabulary related to numbers, colors, and animals. This game is also available on


If you’ve played Taboo in English, you may be familiar with this timeless game. The French version might be a truly entertaining game for children with intermediate to advanced French language skills.

To play, one player must give the other player hints on a word on a card without revealing a list of associated “taboo” terms. Because the game moves quickly, it’s a terrific approach for kids who feel relatively comfortable speaking French to test and expand their vocabulary. This game is also available on

Find the best French board game

Le monstre des couleurs

There is a French board game called Le Monstre des couleurs for children aged three and up. The game aims to assist a monster in understanding his feelings. Children are asked to discuss their emotions in French while playing the game.
This game is excellent for young French learners to practice speaking numbers and colors in French while expressing themselves. This board game is available on

Advantages of learning French through games

  •  Playing games can be an enjoyable and stress-free method to practice French.
  • For younger students, games are typically more engaging than conventional teaching strategies like flashcards or textbooks.
  • Playing games with friends or family can also add to the enjoyment of language learning.
  • Kids can enhance their problem-solving abilities and strengthen their retention of key French terminology by engaging in games.

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Frequently asked questions

What are some fun French games for kids to learn vocabulary?

Some fun French games for learning vocabulary include memory-matching games, word searches, and flashcard activities. These games help reinforce vocabulary interactively and engagingly.

How can I make learning French fun for my kids?

You can make learning French fun for your kids by incorporating games, songs, and interactive activities into their learning routine. Use flashcards, board games, or online resources to motivate them.

How can I encourage my child to practice French outside of the classroom?

Encourage your child to practice French outside the classroom by incorporating it into their daily routine. This can include watching French cartoons or movies, listening to French music, or playing French games online. Additionally, you can encourage them to practice with you or other family members who also speak French.


French games for kids offer a fun and engaging way to learn the language and explore French culture. Whether played online, with flashcards, or as part of a family game night, these games can help children develop their vocabulary, pronunciation, and language skills enjoyably.

Moreover, getting a professional online French tutor at italki can improve your kid’s French speaking and writing skills. Visit the website today to get the best tutor.

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