In both professional and personal settings, expressing appreciation for someone’s effort or achievement is essential. In French, there are various ways to convey this sentiment, each with its nuances and levels of formality.

Learn different ways to say good job in French

In this blog, we’ll explore different ways to say “good job” in French, providing various expressions in different contexts.

30+ ways to say good job in French

Learning basic expressions such as hello, good morning, good luck and please in French brings you one step closer to fluency. This section will discuss 30+ ways to say good job in French that you can use in different situations and circumstances.

Good Job in EnglishGood Job in French
Good job!Bon travail !
Keep up the good work!Continuez à faire du bon travail !
Couldn’t have done it better myself.Je n’aurais pas pu faire mieux moi-même.
You’re on the right track now!Vous êtes sur la bonne voie maintenant !
Keep up the great work!Continuez à faire du bon travail !
Good job! Keep it up!Bon travail ! Continuez comme ça !
Keep up the hard work!Continuez à travailler dur !
You’re doing a great job.Vous faites un excellent travail.
That’s coming along nicely.Ça avance bien.
Now you’ve got the hang of it!Maintenant, vous avez le coup de main !
You made it look easy!Ça a l’air facile !
You’ve almost mastered that!Vous l’avez presque maîtrisé !
Keep it up.Continuez comme ça.
You’re learning fast!Vous apprenez vite !
Good for you.C’est bien pour toi.
Good effort!Bon effort !
You’ve got it made.Vous avez réussi.
You’re getting better every day.Tu t’améliores chaque jour.
You’ve got that down pat!Vous l’avez bien compris !
I’m very proud of you.Je suis très fier de toi.
Way to go!Bravo !
Well, look at you go!Eh bien, regarde-toi aller !
Nice work!Beau travail !
Now that’s what I call a fine job!C’est ce que j’appelle un bon travail !
Good going!Bien joué !
Well done!Bravo !
You’ve got it made!Vous avez réussi !
I knew you could do it.Je savais que tu pouvais le faire.
Couldn’t have done it better myself.Je n’aurais pas pu faire mieux moi-même.
That’s the right way to do it.C’est la bonne façon de faire.
Nothing can stop you now.Rien ne peut vous arrêter maintenant.
Sensational!Sensationnel !
That was first-class work.C’était un travail de première classe.

Importance of learning ‘good job’ in French  

Learning to say “good job” in French is essential for several reasons. First, it allows you to effectively communicate appreciation and recognition to French speakers, whether in a professional or personal context. It is pretty significant to learn basic French words because by using the appropriate expressions, you can build stronger relationships and show respect for the language and culture.

Appreciate people to boost their confidence

Secondly, knowing how to praise someone in French can be beneficial in multicultural environments or when interacting with French-speaking clients, colleagues, or friends. It demonstrates cultural awareness and can help you make a positive impression.

Additionally, learning these expressions can enhance your language skills and vocabulary. It allows you to express yourself more fluently and diversely in French, which is valuable for language learners and those looking to improve their French proficiency.

If you are a French student who wants to learn French grammar and is aspiring to sound just like native speakers, seeking professional guidance can work best for you. A professional French tutor can help you build language skills without getting overwhelmed or frustrated.

Use suitable French expressions

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any expressions in French similar to “you rock”?

A: Yes, in French, you can say “Tu assures” (you rock) in an informal context or “Vous assurez” in a formal context to express a similar sentiment.

What is a friendly way to acknowledge someone’s achievement in French?

A: A friendly way to acknowledge someone’s achievement in French is by saying “C’est génial” (that’s great) or “Bravo” (congratulations).

How can I show support and encouragement in French?

A: To show support and encouragement in French, you can use expressions like “Tu te débrouilles bien” (you’re doing well) or “Continue comme ça” (keep it up).

When should I use formal or informal expressions to say “good job” in French?

A: Use formal expressions like “Félicitations” or “Vous assurez” in professional or formal settings. Use informal expressions like “Bravo” or “Tu assures” with friends or in casual situations.


There are many ways to say “good job” in French, each with its tone and level of formality. Whether congratulating a colleague on a successful project or encouraging a friend to learn a new skill, these expressions can help convey your appreciation and support.

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