If you have recently started learning French as a second language, you may have been drawn to it because of its romantic allure. If this describes you, you should stop everything and focus on learning how to say I love you in French.

If you think you know everything there is to know about love in French, think again. The French have very different ideas about love and when and how to say I love you. Learning how to express your feelings of love in French will help you in almost every other aspect of your French-learning journey, aside from confessing your love to your favorite person.

You will be able to date francophones, and there’s no better way to learn French than by conversing with your significant other in it. You will be able to watch romantic French films and television shows.

You will be able to read the best romance novels in French, including classics such as Madame Bovary and Emmanuelle. You will be able to express your gratitude to your loved ones without putting your foot in your mouth.

How to say I love you in French

If you have been studying French for a while, you are probably aware that the literal translation of I love you is je t’aime. You may or may not be aware that je t’aime also means I like you.

A vital component of learning a new language is the opportunity to learn about a new culture. That is what makes learning a foreign language so worthwhile. That is why you must go beyond simply asking “How do you say I love you in French?” to truly master French love.

I love you to boyfriend/girlfriend

It is important to express love to a romantic partner. It indicates that you are prepared to enter into a serious, committed relationship with them. So, the next time you think about casually saying “je t’aime” to someone you’re not completely in love with, think twice.

You will also notice that French people rarely express their love to their friends and family. It’s not uncommon for parents to never say “je t’aime” to their children. If you have studied love in Spanish culture before, you’re probably aware that most people in Latin America express their love on a daily basis. You can express your feelings to almost any close friend or family member, but this is not the case in France.

Instead, the French express platonic love through various phrases and little pet names for saying “my love.”

We will include many ways to express love to your significant other in the table below, from a simple I love you more in French to more daring phrases as I love you handsome in French. Let’s get started!

I love youJe t’aimeZhe tem
I love you (formal or plural)Je vous aimeZhe voos em
I love you tooJe t’aime aussiZhe tem oh-see
I love you so muchJe t’aime tellementZhe tem tel-muh
I love you so muchJe t’aime tantZhe tem tah
I love you so muchJe t’aime fortZhe tem for
I love you moreJe t’aime plusZhe tem ploos
I love you mostJe t’aime le plusZhe tem luh ploos
I love you a lotJe t’aime beaucoupZhe tem bo-coo
I love you very muchJe t’aime très fortZhe tem tray for
I love you deeplyJe t’aime profondémentZhe tem pro-fon-duh-man
I love you to the moon and backJe t’aime plus que tout au mondeZhe tem ploos kuh too oh mond
I love you more than the entire worldJe t’aime plus que le monde entierZhe tem ploos kuh luh mond an-tee-eh
I love you with all my heartJe t’aime de tout mon cœurZhe tem de too mon curr
I love you a hundred times a dayJe t’aime cent fois par jourZhe tem sen foo-ahs par zhoor
I love you handsomeJe t’aime, mon beauZhe tem, mon boh
I love you beautifulJe t’aime, ma belleZhe tem, ma belle
I love you more than life itselfJe t’aime plus que la vieZhe tem ploos kuh la vee
I love you more than anythingJe t’aime plus que toutZhe tem ploos que too
I still love youJe t’aime encoreZhe tem an-core
I think I love youJe crois que je t’aimeZhe croo-ah kuh zhe tem
I’m crazy about youJe suis fou de toiZhe soo-ee foo de too-ah
You’re driving me crazy (in a good way)Je t’aime à la folieZhe tem a la foh-lee
I’m head over heels for youJe suis fou de toiZhe soo-ee foo duh too-ah
I’ve fallen for youJe suis tombé amoureux de toiZhe soo-ee tom-beh ah-mo-ruh de too-ah
I’m yoursJe suis à toiZhe soo-is a too-ah
Love of my lifeL’amour de ma vieLa-moor duh ma vee
I’m thinking about youJe pense à toiZhe pense a too-ah
I want to be with youJe veux être avec toiZhe vuh ehtr ah-vec too-ah
I can’t wait to see youJe suis impatient de te voirZhe soo-is am-pa-see-an de te voo-are
I can’t live without youJe ne peux pas vivre sans toiZhe ne puh pa vee-vruh san too-ah
I need youJ’ai besoin de toiZhe beh-soo-ahn duh too-ah
I love you periodJe t’aime tout courtZhe tem too coor
You are my other halfTu es mon autre moitiéTu es mon ohtr moo-ah-tee-eh
Life would be empty without youTu laisserais un grand vide dans ma vieToo leh-seh-reh ah gran veed dan ma vee
My heart is yoursMon cœur t’appartientMoh curr ta-par-tee-ah
You are my everythingTu es tout pour moiToo es too poor moo-ah
I love you with all my soulJe t’aime de toute mon âmeZhe tem de toot mon am
I love you from the bottom of my heartJe t’aime du fond de mon cœurZhe tem doo fon duh moh curr
Every day I love you more and moreChaque jour je t’aime de plus en plusShack zhoor zhe tem de ploos en ploos
You’re the best girlfriend in the worldTu es la meilleure petite copine du mondeToo eh la may-yoor petite coh-peen doo mond
You’re the best boyfriend in the worldTu es le meilleur petit copain du monde.Too es le may-yoor puh-tee co-pah du mond

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I love you to family/friends in French

I love you (platonically)Je t’aime bienZhe tem bee-ah
I love you momJe t’aime, mamanZhe tem ma-mah
I love you dadJe t’aime, papaZhe tem pa-pah
I love you grandmaJe t’aime, grand-mèreZhe tem grah-mer
I love you grandpaJe t’aime, grand-pèreZhe tem grah-per
I love you allJe vous aimeZhe voos em
I love you guysJe vous adoreZhe voos ah-dor
I love Taco BellJ’aime Taco BellZhem Taco Bell
I love you as a friendJe t’aime comme un amiZhe tem come oon ah-mee
I miss youTu me manquesToo muh mank
You look beautifulTu es très belleToo eh tray belle
You look handsomeTu es très beauToo eh tray boh
You’re my soulmateTu es mon âme soeurToo eh moh ame sur
I like you just the way you areJe t’aime comme tu esZhe tem come too eh
We get along very wellOn s’entend bienOh san-tah bee-ah
I really like spending time with youJ’aime ça passer du temps avec toiZhem sa pa-seh doo teh avec too-ah
Goodnight, I love youBonne nuit, je t’aimeBonn noo-ee zhe tem

Frequently asked questions

Q. How to say ‘I like you as a friend’ in French?

A. Je t’aime bien.

Q. How to say ‘I think I am falling for you’ in French?

A. Je crois que je suis en train de tomber amoureux de toi

Q. How to say ‘will you marry me’ in French?

A. Veux-tu m’epouser?

Q. How to propose to a woman by saying ‘Do you accept to be my wife’ in French?

A.  Acceptes-tu d’être ma femme?


You now know different ways to express affection and adoration in French. From phrases like “I love you in French” to more daring ones like “I love you very much,” you are now prepared to conquer all romantic endeavors.

If you want to speak French fluently, you need to be consistent in your learning approach. Try memorizing different greetings and phrases and use them frequently in your conversations. You can also learn to say thank you in French and don’t be afraid to use them publically.

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