Spending long hours learning a new language might not help if you don’t have the passion and motivation to learn. Learning Russian is as easy as learning any other language, but not without dedication and effort. However, the speed at which you can master this language will depend on a few things. Read the tips below to see how to learn Russian faster.

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Choose effective learning methods

Times have changed, and learning something new, including languages, isn’t limited to a physical classroom. Although learning in a real-life classroom setting had its benefits, today, it’s falling behind on the list of most effective ways to learn a new language. Instead, you should find tools to learn and practice Russian, which is more adapted to your daily life. For example, learning new vocabulary on mobile applications while traveling or commuting to work will speed up the learning process. You can also listen to Russian language podcasts or watch language vlogs on YouTube.

Dedicate sufficient time to learn

You need to set aside time to study Russian regularly. Dedicating two hours per day, 2 times per week might be more effective than cramming up to six hours of intense learning on the weekend. Spread out your learning time, and revise each lesson before the next session. It’s unnecessary to cram tons of new Russian words in your brain at once. Instead, learn by regularly repeating new words and sentences and practicing them before moving to the next lesson.

Stay motivated and entertained

It’s sometimes hard to keep your focus and motivation when you start something new. That’s why you need to look for fun learning materials to stay motivated and entertained while you study the Russian language. You’ll soon realize how learning Russian is easy and fun.

Start simple

You’ll not understand every Russian word in one or two lessons, but you need to start from somewhere. Consider purchasing an Elementary Russian textbook to help you start with the simple vocabulary and the most common words. Keep your books and notes in the room where you spend most of your time, so you’ll have them at your reach whenever you have some free time to practice.

Enroll in a Russian lesson online

Learning with a native Russian tutor will simplify and speed up your learning process. This is probably the most efficient way to learn since your teacher is only focused on improving your level and correcting your mistakes. To make things even easier, you can take the classes online, via Zoom or Skype.
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