Learning Russian without a Russian teacher is difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are a few methods that you can use to learn the Russian language independently and at your own pace.

Choose Your Textbooks

First, it would be a good idea to buy a few textbooks. Make sure that the books are suitable for your Russian language level and that they have good reviews from other buyers. Once you have your textbooks, prepare to use them regularly. Make sure that you spend at least half an hour every day studying with your textbooks. In the end, all the time you invest in studying will be worth it because you can take pride in adding a new language to your resume.

Use Online Resources

The internet offers many great resources to help you to master a new language. For example, you can learn Russian online by watching videos, movies, and shows. You can also read blogs, or listen to podcasts and music in Russian. Using these language-learning sources is more entertaining than reading textbooks and helps you better comprehend the language when you hear it.

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Find a Russian Pen Pal

Once your language skills improve, you will need someone to communicate with. Having a language exchange partner will help you to speak fluently and correct your mistakes. There are many online platforms and social networks where you can find native Russian speakers with whom you can practice your language skills. You can also ask a Russian friend to practice with you. You could start by writing to each other and then gradually move conversations.

Visit the Country

If you have an opportunity to travel to Russia during your holiday, do it! It is a great way to chat with the locals and practice your language skills. Meet new Russian people while sightseeing, and eat at the local restaurants. Immerse yourself into the culture, and you will see immediate progress in your Russian language communication and comprehension skills.

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