When most people think of learning a new foreign language, they rarely think of Arabic. Naturally, there are more popular languages to learn by English speakers. But few people know that Arabic is the sixth most spoken language globally, with 400 million speakers worldwide. Arabic is also a national language for 58 countries in the world. Therefore, if you are still wondering whether you should consider learning this language, worry no more. In this article, we explain why you should start learning Arabic right away.

Arabic is an ancient language in a high demand

Arab countries have made significant contributions in Mathematics, medicine, engineering, and physics. As a result, some words used in these fields are derived from the Arabic language. Thus, learning the language will make you stand out in these subjects. Moreover, in some business fields, there’s an increasing gap of Arabic speakers. It is especially true in international trade, logistics, and shipping, where Arabic is a dominating language. The rise of globalization increases the demand for international languages, and Arabic is not left behind.

Learn more about Middle East countries

There are 20 countries within the Middle East, and Arabic is the dominating language in each one of them. Hence, speaking basic Arabic will help you get an outstanding experience while traveling in these countries and learning more about their culture and habits.

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Get insights into the Islamic religion

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Since Arabic is the dominating language in most Muslim countries, speaking the language will enable you to learn more about Islam and differentiate between myths and facts. As a result, you will learn more and educate your peers about Islam and Arab culture.

You can learn Arabic online.

Technology has made language learning easier. You no longer need to travel to the Middle East or go to classes to learn Arabic. Today, you can learn a foreign language online from the comfort of your couch. Many websites can help you become a master of the Arabic language by offering Arabic language courses. However, if you want to learn the language fast, and efficiently, you will need a little help from an Arabic teacher. On italki, you will find hundreds of experienced online Arabic teachers and tutors at affordable rates.

Speaking partners

Getting an Arabic-speaking partner can be a tussle, but don’t worry. There are many groups on social media where you find a language exchange partner to speak Arabic with and horn your skills. Your partner does not also have to be knowledgeable of your native language. You can do a language exchange and help them to improve their English in return. Just do a search for “language exchange groups” on Facebook

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