The easiest way to learn Arabic is by listening to some music. Learn Arabic songs to master pronunciation and find meaning as you sing along to them. When it comes to learning the Middle Eastern language, you need some heartbreak to absorb those difficult words.

As you challenge yourself, you will have an easier time remembering everything. By exposing yourself to the beauty of the best Arabic songs, you will get to understand Arab culture and what moves the region.

To help you improve your Arabic, we take a close look at some of the most amazing Arabic songs.

How You Can Learn Arabic With Songs?

Before we mention the best Arabic songs, we want to share some secrets that will allow you to learn the Middle Eastern language with music. You need to actively listen and examine the lyrics to familiarize yourself with the expressions and vocabulary. This means that you cannot just sit around and let the music play in the background.

Take note of the expressions and vocabulary. Otherwise, everything would just pass through your mind. Here are some tips that will allow you to actively learn Arabic rather than just enjoy it.

1. Choose Lyrics Based on Difficulty Level

There are many benefits of learning Arabic. When trying to learn Arabic songs, you must select ones that suit your difficulty level.

If the content is too challenging, you would simply feel discouraged and would fail to put in the effort to expand your knowledge.

Ask native speakers online or in person to determine the difficulty of the songs and if they are in a regional dialect. They would also let you know if the language used is casual or formal. If you believe that the song contains material that you have not yet covered, it would be best to listen to it later.

2. Consider Guided Podcast Lessons

Instead of sticking to usual dialogues, you can turn to Arabic lesson podcasts that involve the use of music. The songs would be played a few times and you can repeat them at a speed that works for you. Then, you can review the lyrics and grammar.

3. Read Blog Post Song Lessons

Whether you are interested in a specific Arabic dialect or not, you can read blog post song lessons to improve your comprehension of the language. Most blogs are broken down into sentences to help you understand idioms and vocabulary. Hence, you should give them a read.

4. Rely on Lyric Videos or Subtitles

Find English translations of the best Arabic songs to learn the language. Try to read the Arabic script and the meanings to master the content. Sing along to the music.

5. Listen and Write

If there is one tip that will prove useful, it is listening and writing the lyrics of the song a few times. You can pause as necessary and write down everything you hear to put your ears to the test. Make sure to check how you have done and correct yourself as needed.

6. Translate the Words You Know

To learn Arabic songs, you need to consider translating the Arabic words you know into English. It will push you to make sense of the language so that you gain a better understanding of it.

7. Read Aloud

For the best Arabic pronunciation exercise, you should read the lyrics out loud. Keep practicing to learn the language and improve your pronunciation. You can even record yourself reading and listen to how you sound to identify areas where you need to improve.

Best Arabic Songs

Now that we have discussed how you can make the most of Arabic songs, here are some of the best songs that you need to listen to.

1. The Sea Creatures Song by Arabian Sinbad

A popular children’s song that you can listen to for improving your Arabic is The Sea Creatures song. It will introduce you to Arabic letters and colors. As formal Arabic is used, you will have an easier time understanding it.

Listening to this song will help ensure that you are able to recall the basics and gain an understanding of Arab culture. This adorable song covers singular and plural words. You can listen to it for entertainment and learn along.

Make sure to use a notepad to write down each word you hear and mention its translation right next to it. Music geared towards children is the best place to start your journey towards mastery of the language.

2. Colors of the Wind – ألوان الرياح from Pocahontas

Revisit your childhood while listening to Pocahontas sing in Arabic with an Egyptian accent. Keep in mind that the translations are not literal. There will be some variation in the translation to emphasize the culture and grammar which would only help you better understand the language.

Sing along, read the translations, and listen a few times while taking notes to start practicing the phrases in real life. Some of the words that you should spot in the song include wolf, stone, arrogance, grow, berries, and moon.

3. The Hijab Conversation – حوار الحجاب by Toyor Al-Janah

After you feel a bit more comfortable with Disney musicals in Arabic, you can move towards something more advanced. The Hijab Conversation is a coming of age song about a girl who tells her father that she is ready to wear a hijab and shows him what she has picked out while shopping with her mother.

With plenty of repetitive words, Arabic learners will find it to be worth watching. Toyor Al-Janah has produced lots of children’s songs in the Jordanian dialect. Each song is innocent and has played a huge role in Arab pop culture.

4. With a Newspaper – مع جريدة by Majida El-Roumi

A song that is simple and easy to memorize that you will enjoy singing is With a Newspaper. Majid El-Roumi is a legend who has produced this masterpiece. The words “He has no idea that I even exist” are tragic and mature.

Written by Nizar Qabbani, a Syrian writer in formal Arabic, this song will allow you to practice your pronunciation and grammar. The phrase “Reading the news, reading to me” is loved throughout the Middle East.

5. I Loved You in the Summer – حبيتك بالصيف by Fayrouz

A great song that beginners should listen to is I Loved You in the Summer. It has been beautified by Fayrouz who is a Lebanese singer. Her music career spans a variety of genres such as jazz and hip-hop.

When you listen to the song, you would be able to practice the seasons while reflecting on the ordeals of unrequited love.

6. Yeah and a Half – آه ونص by Nancy Ajram

Considered to be one of the most popular Arab singers in the world, Nancy Ajram did a fantastic job with Yeah and a Half. She addresses her lover in a flirty music video that you will enjoy watching and listening to.

The lyrics use both masculine and feminine pronouns to address shame, kid, and darling. You can also listen to her other songs for some extra learning and fun.

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Using music to learn a language is an amazing idea. It allows you to enjoy learning Arabic while also experiencing the culture. Interact with the best Arabic songs and practice one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

As you listen to more Arabic music, you will find out which type of songs you like more. It will only amplify your learning efforts and ensure that you gain a better grasp of the Middle Eastern language.

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