Automatic grammar checkers will never be able to replace a native speaker’s guidance and corrections.  But if you know how they work and don’t rely on them too much, automated checkers can still be a really helpful tool. They can help you avoid a few mistakes and are a quick way to run your words through.

Explore the best Spanish grammar checker

This article will examine the top free Spanish grammar checkers available online and the target audience for each one. We’ll also examine their advantages and disadvantages so you can make the most of them as you work to improve your Spanish writing.

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4 online Spanish grammar checkers

Let’s look at these Spanish grammar checkers to explore the one that meets your requirements.


If you can understand Spanish grammar concepts, this is the automatic grammar checker we suggest for most Spanish learners.

Although you should be mindful that it could incorrectly highlight some terms and proper nouns, the integrated spellchecker is acceptable. Another thing to remember about the spellchecker is that the grammar check may become confusing if you misspell a sentence.

For instance, if you type una sofa, the website will accurately advise sofá instead. However, unless you hit the “check text” option again after correcting your spelling error, it won’t inform you that una sofá is still incorrect. Thus, all that’s left to do is be sure to do this. You will then be informed that there is a gender conflict in this instance and that it should be a sofa, or un sofá.

You can keep an online Spanish dictionary to avoid any spelling mistakes. The dictionary will help you spell the words correctly and impact your Spanish writing positively.

Moreover, it’s nice that this checker tends to correctly identify gender difficulties with articles (un, una, etc.) because these are common errors made by Spanish learners of all skill levels. It doesn’t seem to catch errors of agreement between adjectives and nouns. Type in unos mujeres lindos, which will tell you that unos is wrong, but not flag lindos. (It should be unas mujeres lindas, or “some beautiful women.”). Additionally, you should be ready to identify any prepositional errors you make.



This grammar checker may be the greatest at checking specific grammatical regions, even if it mistakenly identified more problems and gave more incorrect suggestions than LanguageTool. However, it can correctly identify several problems that LanguageTool overlooked.

The fact that the explanations are in English is an additional benefit that might make this a more beneficial tool for certain students. (If you live or are studying in a Spanish-speaking nation, you must select the little English button at the bottom right of the screen to change the language. Otherwise, this choice will be available automatically.)

It identifies certain problems with gender disparity in articles and tries to do the same with adjectives. Just be aware that its adjustments in this area tend to be a little haphazard since it frequently struggles to determine which adjective fits with which noun.
It prefers to recommend putting the adjective after the noun, yet occasionally, you might want to put it in front for aesthetic purposes.


My Stilus

There are some interesting features in My Stilus for checking grammar in Spanish. It checks spelling and punctuation in addition to style. This is a handy website if you have produced content and want to ensure it adheres to all three points.

My Stilus can genuinely distinguish between the many Spanish dialects. It checks to determine if you’re utilizing terminology from four different Spanish dialects, including Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American Spanish. 

This means it will identify and adjust for words primarily used in Cuban Spanish idioms and vocabulary in any text you submit. This is helpful for individuals who speak and write more than one language.

Since this isn’t a totally free resource, cost may be a concern for certain students. There’s a free capped trial in addition to a few various plans and costs. You can currently check 25k words during the free trial, although this amount varies frequently based on the active promos at the time you visit.

My Stilus


This is a straightforward copy-and-paste procedure, and most misspellings are quickly found. The application categorizes problems by kind using color coding. A style fault appears in one color if it is undesirable. A spelling mistake is indicated with a different color. Furthermore, any grammar-related issues are highlighted in still another hue. The problems are easily seen and comprehended since they are so prominently displayed.

Users can quickly identify their areas of difficulty with Spanish writing thanks to the color-coding check. It’s time to focus more on your grammar practice if you see that grammar colors appear regularly. This also applies to style and spelling.
One fantastic bonus feature is that you can view explanations for some faults in Spanish. Even in cases where an explanation is not provided, a brief remark describing the problem can be seen (in Spanish).


The accuracy of the punctuation, which includes periods and commas, is also verified. Words and phrases can be added to their dictionary. By doing this, you can avoid flagging them as incorrect even if you use them frequently. This is especially helpful for people who frequently utilize rare or topic-specific language.

The basic package comes with a few features. Though you can always cancel, you should be informed that if you register, you must provide your credit card information to access the free trial. You must take out your wallet if you require a more advanced plan. The customer can choose from a few different pricing plans with different features.

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Frequently asked questions

Do Spanish grammar checkers work for all types of Spanish (e.g., Latin American Spanish, European Spanish)?

Most Spanish grammar checkers are designed to work for both Latin American and European Spanish. However, some may offer specific settings or preferences to cater to regional variations.

Can Spanish grammar checkers help with verb conjugation?

Yes, many Spanish grammar checkers can help with verb conjugation. They often provide suggestions for correct verb forms based on context.

Are there any Spanish grammar checkers that work offline?

Some Spanish grammar checkers offer offline functionality, allowing you to check your writing without an internet connection. Examples include LanguageTool and Ginger.


The best Spanish grammar checker depends on individual needs and preferences. Choosing a tool that aligns with your writing style and requirements ensures the most effective grammar-checking experience.

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