Whether you are planning to go for higher education or you want to grow your business internationally, learning Chinese can take you a long way. In fact, if you explore the potential reasons to learn mandarin Chinese, you will realize it is one of the best investments that you can make in your free time.

With over a billion Chinese speakers on the planet today, learning Chinese today promises dramatic results. Just imagine, how much knowing a language of over a billion people can benefit you.

If you are a beginner and stressing over how you will learn Chinese, there is good news for you. There are several Chinese words in English that can help you learn different vocabulary words faster. Now let’s look at some of the reasons to learn Chinese.

Learning Chinese can bring massive opportunities

Mandarin Chinese is currently the best language to learn if you want to get a head start in life. The main reason for the language’s popularity is China’s booming economy and status as a rising global superpower. China has transformed itself from a broke country to one of the world’s largest economies in the last 35 years.

China has become more open to the rest of the world, encouraging foreign investment and economic cooperation. As a result, there is a high demand for people who can bridge the gap between this new, growing China and the rest of the world.

Some people get stuck between the debates of Cantonese vs Mandarin and which one can help them the most, well, it totally depends on your learning goals and objectives.

Learning Chinese can make you an attractive resource

To be an attractive hiring resource, you need to be fluent in Chinese. Because there are few people in the Western business world who can speak both Chinese and English, there is a high demand for these skills, which can result in very high pay.

Learning Chinese allows you to transform yourself into someone who is critical to the success of a project in China, making you a very appealing hire. If you do not know how to speak Chinese but it is on your wish list, you are just at the right place as you can learn Chinese online with italki.

With the help of the best Chinese teachers, you can develop the right skills to be fluent in Chinese. There is an availability of a free trial to get a feel of Chinese online lessons.

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Communicate with more than a billion people in the Chinese

There are approximately 1.3 billion Chinese speakers in the world. While English is widely spoken in many other countries around the world, including India, Nigeria, and the European Union, it is not so in China.

Most students learn English in school, but only a few can communicate at a useful level. Only by speaking Chinese can one truly appreciate all that China and its millennia-old civilization have to offer.

Learning Chinese is a good brain experience

According to research, learning Chinese requires more parts of the brain than learning other languages. Because there are numerous differences between learning Chinese and learning English, such as Chinese tones and characters, it is believed that learning Chinese requires more brain power!

Mandarin speakers use both temporal lobes, whereas English speakers only use the left. Learning to write characters can also help with motor skills and visual recognition, which will keep the mind sharp.

Chinese is one of the easiest languages to learn

In terms of grammatical complexity, Chinese grammar is relatively simple. Unlike most European languages, it lacks complex constructs such as cases and genders. It also simplifies the use of tenses.

In addition, unlike other East Asian languages such as Korean and Japanese, the language lacks complex grammar. When you consider how long learners of other languages spend on verb conjugation and gender, you can see how Chinese learners can quickly outpace learners of other languages in this area.

Get access to Chinese online spaces

While much of the world shares a common online space, China does not. The Chinese internet is full of its own unique multimedia, memes, and other content that the rest of the world is unaware of.

Chinese video-sharing sites Youku and Tudou, which function as Chinese versions of Netflix and YouTube, are good examples of this. The key to entering these areas is Chinese fluency, which is yet another benefit of learning the language.

Memorizing characters and tones is not important

Chinese characters are not random pictures, but rather a reasonably organized system of radicals and phonetic elements that is not too difficult to grasp. Furthermore, a learner only needs to know 2000-3000 characters to have a reasonable level of fluency.

While tones are important, they are not always necessary for comprehension. In reality, Chinese people rely on context rather than tone to determine what they are saying in any given sentence.

Digital advancement is making learning Chinese easy and fun

When it comes to learning Chinese, media-assisted learning techniques are also extremely beneficial. There are also numerous fantastic apps for learning Chinese. All of this makes learning Chinese easier and faster than ever before.

There is also the availability of several online Chinese learning platforms such as italki. The full-length language lessons have made it super easy to learn Chinese as well as other languages.

Many learning apps use flashcards and subtitles for the learners to understand the content better. In short, digital advancement has made learning Chinese super easy and fun.

Chinese handwritten characters are less important

Another way that technology is making Chinese easier to learn is through the substitution of typing for character writing in China.

A variety of popular character input methods are used on mobile devices and computers throughout China, and they have grown to become the primary way that Chinese texts are created. This means that you only need to be able to recognize a Chinese character to type it, rather than learning how to draw it physically through rote memorization.

Learning Chinese gives you an opportunity to make friends

Learning Mandarin allows you to communicate with a wide range of people and connect on a deeper level, not just in Asia, but all over the world!

Learning Chinese gives you an opportunity to travel to China

The most significant advantage of learning Chinese is that it allows you to explore the fascinating country of China on your own. If you are not a typical tourist, take the opportunity to learn Mandarin, and you will discover the “real China” on your travels. Even if you have limited language skills, locals will appreciate your efforts and will go out of their way to welcome you.

Learning Chinese is not as difficult as you might think, and technology is making it much easier. The future of the world will most likely be shaped by China’s billion-strong population and learning to communicate with and understand these people is a hugely beneficial step.


Now that, you have learned why we learn Chinese, design a learning track for yourself. List down your learning goals and objectives that you want to achieve. Divide your learning goals into achievable milestones. Be consistent in your learning approach and do not forget to praise yourself whenever you achieve your milestone.

Now that, you know learning Chinese can take you a long way, don’t put it off any longer—drop everything and start learning Chinese today!

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