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Oct 21, 2022 3:36 AM

How to say I love you in Chinese while being genuine about the feelings

If you are looking for ways to say I love you in Chinese, you can learn the expressions here. We will explore some authentic and genuine words to express feelings to our loved ones.

Oct 20, 2022 3:35 AM

The detailed guide of Mei you in Chinese: Its usage with examples

Let’s sort out the confusion about 没有 (méi yǒu) in Chinese by understanding its meaning and how it is used in sentences. We will explore the application with some examples.

Oct 20, 2022 2:52 AM

Learn how to talk about months in Chinese and the useful phrases associated with them

Here are topics about months in Chinese, important phrases, celebrations associated with these months, and translations of related phrases so that you can describe when something happens.

Oct 19, 2022 2:42 AM

How to use 是 (shì) in Chinese sentences without any mistakes

This guide will minimize your ambiguity with the concept of using 是 (shì) in Chinese sentences. It will explore the scenarios where you need to use 是 (shì) in Chinese and where you need to avoid using it.

Oct 19, 2022 2:32 AM

Why do we learn Chinese: 11 reasons why learning Chinese can prove to be your best decision ever

Chinese is one of the widely spoken languages. Learning Chinese means endless opportunities for you. Let’s explore some reasons why we learn Chinese and how it benefits us.

Oct 18, 2022 7:49 AM

Sorry in Chinese: Learn 6 different ways to apologize

From stepping on someone’s toe to hearing a piece of heartbreaking news, using the word sorry is mandatory. Learn six different ways to say sorry in Chinese.

Oct 18, 2022 7:38 AM

What is the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese

Let’s explore the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese, how to use these writing systems, what is their origin, and why you should learn them.

Oct 17, 2022 9:01 AM

Learn about the four seasons in Chinese and the vocabulary associated

Exploring the seasons in Chinese along with the festivities associated with them will surely give you an opportunity to have deeper conversations with Chinese people.

Oct 14, 2022 6:43 AM

20 Chinese vegetables to improve your delicious Chinese food vocabulary list

Getting command of these Chinese vegetables will help you order food and buy groceries effortlessly. Next time, you visit a Chinese restaurant, use these vocabulary words to order the food of your choice.

Oct 14, 2022 1:52 AM

Bye in Chinese: 10 interesting ways to bid farewell to someone in Chinese

Learn ten different ways to say bye in Chinese in order to bid farewell to someone in the most authentic and appropriate manner, depending upon the nature of your situation.

Sep 18, 2022 10:29 AM

Common and authentic ways to wish someone good luck in Chinese

Let’s explore some of the most common and genuine ways to wish someone good luck in Chinese, depending on the nature of the small event to bigger life changes.

Sep 17, 2022 7:09 AM

5 major Chinese tones: How to understand and master them

Explore the five major Chinese tones to master Chinese. Learn the general explanation of Chinese tones, we will highlight the major ones that Mandarin Chinese holds.

Sep 16, 2022 2:58 AM

Cantonese vs. Mandarin: some key differences along with examples

Reviewing the Chinese dialects by highlighting the differences in the tones, grammar, vocabulary words, and the regions where Cantonese and Mandarin are spoken.

Aug 3, 2022 2:31 PM

How to say thank you and thanks in Chinese Mandarin

How do you show appreciation to someone who has done something kind to you? You say thank you or thanks! And in Chinese? It’s xièxie!

Jun 21, 2022 10:59 AM

Fun filled traditions and famous Chinese New Year greetings to make the Eve memorable

A detailed guide to Chinese traditions and New Year greetings to make your Eve memorable and extraordinary.

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