Abdullah B
14/60 It's a controversial topic, to be honest, some people may feel offended because of it, I'll try my best not to be bias in my writing. In this essay, I will try to spotlight the main pro and con of this financial union. Let's begin with the advantage of the family business, The main positive of it is that The trust, partners believes in each other, there is a link of blood, who would sell a brother in blood for a bunch of money? It seems impossible one of the partners will betray after partnering with his own family. Because of that when you partnering with your brother or any relations you feel safe and relax. Basically, you are thinking you share your money with a trusted person your money is his and his is yours too. You both will stand building this business hand by hand in a fair atmosphere sharing the capital and efforts. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is partially from the former, because of the trust, partners don't feel the need to write down on a pepper each detail of this partnership and instead of that they may write just the big lines in the contract. which give the devil the entrance to ruin their project and encourage bad souls holders to betray or finding the gaps on the contract and use them for their own sake. Or because of the trust between them, they might share an unfair responsibility or some may rely on others under the pretext they are more than brothers and they hold each other. To sum up, the Family business isn't completely perfect as some may think and got its dark side too. In my perspective, in any partnerships, there should be a clear detailed contract to prevent any bad intentions from the beginning. If you feel you and your brother have diverse skills and fit in business together then go for it and DON'T BE ASHAMED to write down tiny bits. Peppers never lie but tongues do.
Jun 21, 2021 11:54 AM