Day 173/365 Hi guys! Today at 8am I had an English class. Besides, I'm a little lost out during days, and didn't have free time for prepare my homework for English,this lesson was very interesting lesson for me. We've practiced pronunciation and listening. I must listen audio fail, after that wrote it down. Moreover ,we discussed a vocabulary for the food topic. Finally, we immitated an IELTS exam and I talked more than 2 minutes and said about my favorite meal. I don't know why it happened, but I was so nervous during this part... It isn't difficult topic and I can explain my thoughts about it, however it was really nervous for me... I don't feel time.. and say a lot of "water", instead useful and correct information, or details... By the way, I think it's a very interesting and good experience. I'd like to repeat it again and again. I believe, finally I can use correct and beautiful sentences for my explanation! P. S I'll promise that tomorrow I'm going to check all my previous texts here. Thank you everyone for your support and help! I'm appreciate it ! 🙏
Jun 22, 2021 2:36 PM