Professional Teacher
Whether you are learning English for IELTS, preparing for a job interview (I help in both ways), you need to listen & apply some ideas in this powerful podcast. Have you heard of this psychological problem in the past called inferiority complex? Let me define that for you, in simple terms it's a feeling that you are less important, intelligent, or skillful than other people. In this 15 minute podcast I provide various definitions & examples of my students having this issue. In addition you'll get a bonus, I offered coaching solutions you can apply immediately to heal yourself off this psychological barrier that stands between you and your success in English. Dive deeper into it and become freer on your language & professional improvement journey! After this recording, may you never be the same. See you in my private 1-1 classes.
Inferiority complex (for language learners (IELTS, Interview Preps & English Teachers!).
May 23, 2024 7:16 AM