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How to remember new vocabulary? It's a tough task because we are not using them often. In this podcast you'll find exercise which will help you to build your own stories, practice speaking, learn to think and analyze in english and apply lots of knowledge you learned from the past. Even though it's 10 minutes - it'll save you 5-10 years of wasting time learning new things then forgetting them. Ring, tree, baby, rain, dream, ability, challenge, recording, hair, elephant. 1. my father bought my mom a ring 2. i love pine trees 3. neighbors baby is so loud 4. rain gives me pleasant feelings 5. if you have a dream and turn it into a goal you’ll have a path to follow 6. it’s a challenge to get into oxford university 7. i am recording my teacher’s voice when in a classroom 8. her hair is lovely 9. you can ride elephants in Thailand My mom has a ring and on that ring there is a symbol of tree. When she was a baby her grandmother left it for her as a gift. One day it was raining an my mom stumbled upon a letter that her grandmother had left for her. How did happen? My mom saw a dream and in this dream she saw her grandmother pointing to a place where the letter was stored. Luckily my mom has as an ability to remember her dreams which many people have challenges with. My mom has a special method of doing this. She is recording her dream while sleeping ( she has a notepad next to her bad where she drops some things from her dreams). One days she saw a picture of hair and an elephant in her dream and up to now she can’t figure out what was the dream about. Even though she remembers her dreams from time to time she has challenges too. Listen to the podcast and follow along. If you need help - send me a message for further guidance. Here to help you to up your game!
How to remember new vocabulary?
Sep 29, 2022 1:24 PM
Learn with Kai :) I have available slots for lessons this week and throughout August. I'm a multilingual teacher from Malaysia who teaches English, Mandarin Chinese and Malay. I teach kids, teens and adults. 中文、英文、马来文 Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris/Inggris dan Bahasa Cina Chinesisch, Englisch und Malaiisch - Chinese/English/Malay for Children and Teens - Chinese/English/Malay for Specific Purposes (Business, Academic, etc.) - General Chinese/English/Malay (Speaking, Listening, Writing, etc.) - Conversational Chinese/English/Malay - Chinese/English/Malay for Beginners - Chinese/English/Malay for Intermediate Students - Chinese/English/Malay for Advanced Students - IELTS - HSK - SPM, PT3, Standard 1-6, Form 1-5 - Primary 1-6, Secondary 1-4 - IGCSE Learn new vocabulary, language to boost your career or for business, education and more. Work towards the next level starting today meet your goal of being fluent in English.
Sep 2, 2022 2:29 AM
☕️Кофе или 🫖 Чай? Как мне представляется в голове, наш мир разделён не только на ✍🏻“правшей и левшей” , но и на “чаелюбов и кофеманов”, если можно так выразиться 😆 Я раньше терпеть не могла кофе, а теперь стала его фанаткой!🙋🏼‍♀️ Люблю качественный растворимый, чтобы сделать , скажем, на скорую руку. Для наслаждения 😊 вкусом капсульного кофе: Americano, Espresso, Latte — использую кофемашину Nescafé Dolce Gusto. А прямо сейчас еду с новой покупкой — гейзерной кофеваркой и зёрнами ☕️
Кофе ☕️ VS чай 🫖 ( кто победит )
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Aug 29, 2022 11:10 AM
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