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★☆ Korean Words for Restaurants #6 ★☆ ●잡수시다 ○v) to eat (honorific form) -할아버지께서 지금 점심을 잡수세요. My grandfather is having lunch now. -선생님께서 라면을 잡수시고 계세요. My teacher is eating noodles now. ●차갑다 ○adj) to be cold (liquid) -냉장고에 있는 차가운 물을 드세요. Drink the cold water in the refrigerator. -차가운 물은 소화에 좋지 않아요. Drinking cold water can upset your stomach. ●컵 ○n) a cup -물 한 컵만 주시겠어요? Can I get a cup of water, please? -환경 보호를 위해 플라스틱 컵을 쓰지 않으려고 해요. I try not to use plastic cups to protect the environment. ●그릇 ○n) a bowl -그릇에 담아 주세요. Please put it in the bowl.
Nov 20, 2021 9:08 PM