Abdullah B
11/60 Not allowed to read books in your free time at school..! I know it sounds unrealistic rule but let me tell you what happened to me because of this ridiculous rule! In my second year of primary school, our Vice head of school got replaced with a new one, after his arrival our school got worse and worse. In that time I used to read books in our free time in school like in recess and between the leaving and arriving of the teachers to our classroom, there were also times when the teacher absent we get long free time because all teachers occupied, while that some of the students being naughties on the path of classrooms which was rare in our school, most of us just sitting and talk to each other or play board games. What happened is, two students, made a loud noise and laughs on the path of classrooms, then hid in the bathrooms the Vice thought it was us because our classroom was by the toilets, he came and scolded us for a little bit then noticed me reading and pointed that out and commanded me to put off my book on the bag and solve some exercise for tomorrow subjects, I didn't take it seriously and completed my reading after he left us, then he came again as surprising to figure out the situation in our classroom and noticed me reading again he got frustrated because he felt like I don't give a "value\shit" to his commands and underestimate him. so he shouted me out and scolded me several times in front of the other students and ordered me to his office urgently, I went after him to his office, he forced me to sign papers to not read again any books not related to our subjects on the school unless I get his approval. I didn't complain a lot because I wasn't rude -maybe also brave- enough to talk back to him. I thought well, I can consider this one as a medal and not a paper of promises and regrets. THE STORY IS TRUE I DIDN'T MAKE IT UP 😅 To be continued. dm me 🙃
Jun 20, 2021 11:53 AM