It's very easy, what me make angry. cx First one - stupidity. I don't like when people a SPECIALITY show themself stupidity, like " all people should be think that is a funny", but no, it's not funny. Why people do this? And i don't like stupidity, when human nothing don't understand, when them whatsome say. Next one - me can make angry, it's study objects like math, algebry, geometry and... programming. It's very hard objects, especially programming. In programming, you need understand writting structure, what write into a code and how write , you need be very attentive and hardworking, you need love writing words/numbers and testing, what are you do. You need a logical thinking....But, I don't have a logic xD, just because i'm more creative person, not thinking😅 And finally, what make me angry, it's just agressive peoples, people who all time drink alcohol, drunk and they come to everyone.
Dec 4, 2022 3:20 PM
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