Anastasia CELTA
Professional Teacher
At the airport. Useful Phrases. Check-in • Can I have your ticket, please? • May I see your passport, please? • Would [wud] you like a window or an aisle (ail) seat? • Do you have any baggage? • What is your final destination? • Would you like to upgrade to business or first class? • Do you need any help getting to the gate? Going through Security • Please step through the scanner • Please step to the side • Please raise your arms • Empty your pockets, please. • Please take off your shoes and belt. • Please take any electronic devices out of your bag. Passport Control and Customs • Are you a tourist or here on business? • Do you have anything to declare? • Have you brought any food into the country? Welcome to classes to learn more :)
May 31, 2023 8:14 PM