Learning Chinese Mandarin is not so difficult, here are a bit of tips. Most of people who learn Mandarin except natives feel like it is so challenged, I try to analyze their problems themselves come across. Like learning English language we must learn phonetic symbol, there is Pinyin you must learn after you decide to get into studying Mandarin. Loads of English words you can write down based on their phonetic symbols, but Chinese characters seems like have no certain relevance with Pinyin, I mean you have to remember the characters whilst remembering their respective Pinyin. To deal with this,I suggest you pay more energy on remembering characters, there are around 80000 Chinese characters whereas the total number of Pinyin is 405. The number of frequently used characters are about 3500. Plus each character’s Pinyin is short and much more easier to pronounce than English words. Does it sound a bit easier to learn now? Another thing I have heard many Mandarin learners noticed is they weren’t used to the rhyme of speaking Mandarin, that feels like robots speaking to them. Actually it has a rhythm, it’s kind of weak though. Beginners always speak Mandarin with a unnatural tone, I reckon they were influenced by their native language. The best way to improve it is doing Conversations with Chinese natives as much as possible. I’ll be here waiting you guys for Achieving your goals, feel free to hit me up. You can also listen to Mandarin podcasts, watch TV shows, such kinds of stuff you know, to imitate natives if you would rather like to do it alone. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns on learning Mandarin. I would like hearing from you.
Jun 2, 2023 4:18 PM