Day 280/365 Hi there! Today is the first day when I feel better! I'm so happy! I even had a short walking in the evening, after my husband fineshed (his) work. Today, I did some house chores. Yes I made a break between different things,but I've done it! I didn't have a bleeding and it's so wonderful! I asked Got about it during these days and today I'm thankful him for my recover. Certainly I'm not strong enough,but I definitely feel more powerful. I'm going to try work tomorrow, I hope everything will be okay. Good night my friend, and thank you very much for your support, and kind words!!!
Sep 25, 2021 2:02 PM
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Day 280/365 Today is the first day that I'm really feeling better! I'm so happy! I even took a short walk in the evening after my husband finished work. I did some chores today. I had to take breaks, but I got everything done! I didn't have any bleeding, which was wonderful! I had prayed on it for days, and today I'm thankful to God for my recovery. I definitely don't have all of my strength back, but I'm feeling better. I'm going to try to work tomorrow; I hope that everything will be okay.
September 26, 2021
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