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■□Korean Words for Restaurants #1■□ ■굶다 □v) to skip a meal, to starve -아침, 점심을 다 굶어서 배가 너무 고파요. I’m really hungry because I skipped both breakfast and lunch. -아직도 세상에는 굶어 죽는 아이들이 많아요. There are still many children who starve to death in the world. ■남기다 □v) to leave food over, to leave a message -배가 불러서 밥을 반이나 남겼어요. I left half of my meal because I was full. -친구가 전화를 안 받아서 음성 메시지를 남겼어요. I left a voice message because my friend didn’t answer the phone. ■냄새 □n) a smell -이 식당은 음식 냄새가 심하게 나지 않아서 좋아요. I like this restaurant because it doesn’t smell bad. -청국장 냄새는 너무 심해요. Cheonggukjang smells so bad. ■뜨겁다 □adj) to be hot (liquid) -커피가 너무 뜨거우니까 조심하세요. Be careful! The coffee is really hot. -뜨거운 차를 마실 때는 조심해야 해요. You should be careful when you drink hot tea. ■마시다 □v) to drink -콜라를 마시고 싶어요. I want to drink coke.
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