Alice shirley
Community Tutor
What are the other ways to say "it's cold and it's snowy"? Comment down bellow
Jan 22, 2022 4:03 PM
Answers · 6
We wouldn’t repeat ‘it’s’ It’s snowy and cold. (Very natural, but the word ‘snowy’ isn’t a precise way to describe the current weather. You’d use it more for general climate) He winters in Florida because it’s snowy and cold in Quebec. Describing a current snowstorm, you could just say ‘There’s a snowstorm.’ (To most people, ‘snow’ implies ‘cold’. But those from a cold climate could have a lower threshold.)
January 23, 2022
It's freezing
January 22, 2022
You could say, "It's freezing." Or, "it's wintry."
January 22, 2022
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