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Please share with us your traditional way to celebrate the Christmas Festival in your country, city, or family, and show us some photos you have taken about Christmas!
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How are you planning to spend the festive holidays? p) I am spending at home with my wife and kids and we are riding the slides and playing outside :) What is common in your countries? Here are some common vocabulary words associated with Christmas and winter holidays: (Holidays and Festivals Vocabulary). Wreath: a circular decoration made of leaves, flowers, or other materials, often hung on a door or wall during the holiday season. Stocking: a large sock or similar item, often hung by a fireplace, that is traditionally filled with small gifts and treats on Christmas Eve. Eggnog: a traditional holiday drink made with milk, eggs, sugar, and sometimes alcohol. Gingerbread: a type of cookie or cake that is flavored with ginger and often shaped into festive shapes like houses or people. Here are some words that are associated with festivity that you can use: Celebration, Music, Dance, Food, Parade, Fireworks, Concert, Carnival, Performance, Tradition, Costume, Joy. I hope it helps to know a little more and to express yourself :) Join my page, listen to some of my useful podcasts and come around to one of my available classes. To Your Success, Anatoly
December 27, 2023
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