Professional Teacher
🇨🇵 Bonjour French learners ! I’m Victoria Vernhes, your certified French teacher. Let's learn a new useful expression for your conversation in French. ✅ Today's expression is: de toute façon 🇨🇵 pas mal de = anyway, anyhow Examples: 📌 De toute façon, ça ne change rien pour moi. - Anyway, it doesn't change anything for me. 📌 De toute façon, ça ne sert à rien. - Anyway, it's pointless. 📌 De toute façon, on doit d’abord choisir et après on verra. - Anyway, we must choose first and then we'll see. 🗣 Your turn! How will you say in French: Anyway, next year they are coming to France. 😀 Hope it was useful for you! 🤩 Don't hesitate to answer in French in the comments, I'm here for you. 🤗 Suggest another expression you want me to teach you.
May 16, 2024 9:56 AM