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Create a short story to practice difference tenses
Use preterito imperfecto to set the context of your narrative and the indefinido one to describe the things that happened.
-The love at the time of chaos- At the beginning of the time, the day was the night and the night was the day. And the sky, the sea and the earth lived in perfect harmony. The wind caressed the branches of the trees, while driving the flight of the birds in the sky and, in the sea, the movement of the waves. Every day the sea bowed in front of the beauty of his sweet lover, the earth, who at the same time reached out to her lovely partner. And the sky? Well, the sky were looking from above. His tears gave freshness to the earth and the light of his infinite eyes lighted the nights and the thousend of dreams of her creatures. Everything was one and one was in everything, because everything was love. The love was like a shining flow, sweet and tender, but also full of energy. It were burning everything with a new life. And, you know, nothing makes you more lovable than to feel loved...and all the world was feeling loved. (...)
November 14, 2020
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