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Write about the challenges of language learning
What's the most challenging part about learning a new language? Is it memorizing new vocabulary? Grammar? Pronunciation? Speaking? Or just finding the time to focus on learning?
There are multitude of challenges during our learning language journey. This piece of writing is based on my own experience. It's certainly for work purposes I commenced to learn to speak English as a requirement to obtain either a promotion in the current company I work for or simply to search for a better-paid job in another company, anyway, since the onset I believed it would be "easy and fast", however, the most of time it has been the opposite. conform I intent to internalize the new vocabulary take out of news papers, music, articles and so on, I realize that one of the biggest challenges I face is the syntax of sentences. this being evidenced every time I ask italki community for a exercise correction as in this case, not to mention, when I ask them a question. Not having any doubt about it I really really appreciate all the help I receive from professional teachers, community tutors, native English speaker, non-natives speaker as well. these kind people with their corrections guide me through the proper path. once said that I cannot hide the fact that in occasions I get frustrated- specially when it comes to my listening comprehension, watching videos on youtube, listening to podcasts I hear English natives speakers talking so fast, using idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, colloquial expression as well. What is for sure I must find other ways to solve this, I'll continue working hard on it- it is the only one solution I reckon so.
April 30, 2022
Я изучаю поболше полтора года. Я очень люблю заниматся русском. Каждый день я стараю говорить с людьми на скайпе. Сначала это было трудно. Моя первая учителница, она не очень терпенная, я несколько раз хотелся прекратить. Но в этом году моя новая учителница лучще. Я думаю, что размеренные уроки помогает мне предолжить дальше. Эсли я бы старадал заниматься самостояательно, то почти совершенно я бы прекратил. Я думаю, что важно фокусировать на процесс и не цель. удачи всем.
September 18, 2020
I once studied English when I was a student,but my English is still poor. In past,I wasn't interesed in English and rarely used it,after graduated,I forgot most of the basics. My basics are not enough and I always don't know which words or grammar to use,words are with the same meaning in Chinese,but they are different in English,it's the one of my challenges. I don't know a lot of grammar and words and usually look up the English dictionaries. English and Chinese are many differences, relatives are called in many ways,for exsample, father's sisters are called "姑姑",mother's sisters are called"阿姨"in Chinese ,but parents' sisters are all called "anut" in English. The sentence "What are you doing now?"became"you now doing what?", in the chinese,when something is a large amount,we use "很多" to describe a lot of something in the Chinese,we use"many","a lot of"and"much" to mean the same thing in the English. Grammar difference between Chinese and English is the most difficult of my chllenges of English learning.
March 16, 2022
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