Students always ask me why they should travel to South America; what is so attractive about this place and why is everyone deciding to come. Instead of giving them reasons to visit this wonderful continent, I tell them why they shouldn’t visit it.  

1. Too much nature 

Get ready to get astonished by some of the most majestic landscapes you will ever see: from waterfalls, deserts, the biggest mountain range in the world, and the greatest forest on the planet; to millennial glaciers, and heavenly beaches to choose from. You will also find the world's largest river and the driest place on earth.  

What’s wrong with this continent? It is absurd to have some of the most famous natural spots in the world in only one place. The Amazon, Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Atacama desert, The Andes, Copacabana Beach … What’s left for other continents?! Traveling from Alaska to Argentina on one of the most beautiful highways in the world, crossing 14 countries, and covering around 30.000 km sounds crazy. 

This continent is way too big!! Seriously, how are you going to be able to see all of it in just a couple of weeks? You will definitely need to go back. 

2. You will find different people 

After traveling all over the world, I can confirm I have never met so many nice people as those living in South America. If ever you get lost at night and you don’t have a place to sleep, why would you accept the invitation of a stranger to spend the night at their home; receiving good food, a bed, and a welcoming, smiley face? 

A South American distinguishes himself by their desire to help and for having a warm and affectionate heart. Every country in the continent has cultures and traditions native to their people so be ready to see endless multiculturalism.  

3. Not-so-famous gastronomy  

Ceviche, empanadas, asado, dulce de leche, arepas, chicharrón, feijoada, bandeja paisa, 41 types of potatoes and 13 types of corn. I am not hungry. Are you?

The best coffee in the world, the best cacao, and an exquisite variety of meat and seafood are only a few examples of everything you can find in this privileged land. I have tried many dishes customary in South America and I can assure you they are unique. The mix of textures and flavors can only be found here. Lima (Peru) is known as the gastronomic capital of Latin America and in 2021 was chosen as the world’s culinary capital. ¡Asu mare! (Expression in Peru similar to Wow in English) 

Food is part of South America’s DNA, it’s in our daily life: we celebrate with food, we party with food and we gather around it. 

4. Nothing to see 

There’s no Colosseum, Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben in South America. Instead, you have the remains of some of history's biggest and most important civilizations such as Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza Pyramids, and Teotihuacan.  

You can also find plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites; two of the seven Wonders of the World and some of the biggest celebrations on the planet. 

Just think about Christ the Redeemer, Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, Nazca lines, Uyuni Salt Flat. The list goes on.  

Do you like adventure? Why not do it in the South American style? Sandboarding on giant dunes in Peru, trekking on a glacier in Argentina, river sledding in Chile, skydiving over Iguazú Falls, and much more. 

Be careful because you will not get any sleep. We really like nightlife and we love to party, especially if there’s food and drinks. 

5. Why would you want to return home? 

South America will trap you. You will not want to leave. Believe me, you will want to come back. But, like all great things, everything has to come to an end.  

I hope this article has woken up that desire to travel to this wonderful region. A place full of varieties and adventures; history and traditions; great people and gastronomy. My continent and the land that I live in.