Do you have the same character online as you do in real life? Why not try using “Role Words” to express yourselves online? You might find it interesting to read the article below on “how the Japanese language online reflects one’s character”. 📄 Here we prepared a question for you to think about. You are welcome to answer in the Comment section below the article, and 2 of you will have the chance to win $5 italki credits each. Q: What are the two ways of using Role Words [役割語(やくわりご)] in Japanese, and what are they used for?
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Everyone knows what Japan did in the past, but Japan still doesn't recognize. Italki is a platform that connects language teachers and students around the world. Something will happen to Iranian teachers on italki, hope italki will revise.
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Draws are bad idea because it's all about luck and not about regular activity on Italki.
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Thank you for sharing it. 감사합니다!
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Role words are used to disguise someone from exposing their true identity. They can be used by a female writer to remain anonymous in-order to avoid harassment and unfair undermining. Role words can be used as characteristics to show closer relations.
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