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Speech, language, and communication skills are crucial to young children’s overall development. Being able to express ideas clearly and interact with others are foundations of a child’s development.
I have one beautiful daughter who recently turned ten. I found her a language teacher when she was six because I believe the earlier you start learning a language the better. The way I found her a good teacher was through recommendations. What I value most in a language tutor is patience. I believe that when a language teacher is patient they are able to teach the language without frustrating kids in the process especially if the kid is a slow learner. As someone who is also learning a new language I can testify that it is not easy at all and if you have a teacher who easily loses it, you will not get anywhere as you will be greatly demotivated, which is bad because demotivation discourages someone’s eagerness to learn. A good teacher or tutor must always have patience in them.
Jun 19, 2022 1:11 PM
Picking a good tutor can seem like a hard thing to do but what I usually do is look for a tutor who is able to uncover a student’s learning style and use the information they have to best help the student especially when they’re kids. A good tutor must be compassionate and understanding which will help the student connect to the teacher. This then creates a well established student-teacher relationship which is very important when it comes to learning effectively. They should also be professional and well organized which are attributes that I value most when it comes to picking tutors. Another attribute I look at is if the teacher has the ability to inspire or build confidence in the student. I have a saying I go by which is when a student feels confident, wonderful things begin to happen. Their curiosity is ignited, and they are more likely to ask questions in class and read additional texts about things that interest them which is a bonus when it comes to language learning.
Jun 19, 2022 5:06 PM
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