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Could someone please help me with my essay? Question: Describe a time when you dealt with someone who was difficult. How did you handle that situation? What would you do differently if you could do it over again? Essay: I used to have a part time job as a clerk at a bagel shop in a department store in Taipei, at that time, you can only buy our bagels in certain places in Taipei and there was a customer who went out her way from Taichung to our shop to buy bagels as souvenir for her friends. The day before, she ordered 40 bagels with one of my colleagues on the phone, however, the colleague who in charge of this order forgot to tell me and another clerk who worked at that day to keep those 40 bagels for the lady. When the lady finally arrived, she only to find out all the flavor she ordered had already sold out. She gone mad and shouted at me and another clerk in front of several other customers, questioning us for our mistake and complaining about the time she wasted on commuting. We were extremely embarrassed and terribly sorry for this accident but there was nothing much we could do to save this situation. This incident happened when I was still new to this job, it was such a frustration to me but I tried my best to explain this whole situation to the lady as soon as possible in order to make sure other customers do not need to wait too long for their purchase. Yet the lady was still in anger and kept telling us how much time and money she spent on this trip for our bagels and asking how we were going to make it up for her loss. The lady even got angrier after I said it was because my colleague forgot to transfer to order to us so we did not keep bagels for her, she insisted I was making excuse to shirk our responsibility and reject to leave the counter until we found a satisfying solution.
2 hours ago