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this is a little long essay practice about why u think sports and social activities are important for college students. I hope u can correct me if u have time. Thanks in advance! 😀 In today's society, sports are getting more attention than before and social activities are also playing a critical rule in the life of college students. There are several reasons for why I believe that the thing we learned outside the classroom is useful and these will be the focus of my essay. On the one hand, sports and social activities play a key role in college students' routine life. When I was in my sophomore year in the medical college, I used to do the morning exercise. It helped me a lot, not only can ensure my physical health, but also provide me an opportunity to relief myself from the course work. Also, watching people from all ages doing exercise is an interesting thing, which can give me a sense of harmony. If my college life didn’t have activities apart from academic work, I could not spend my student time so colorful and meaningful. On the other hand, sports and social activities can help us to build the relationship with other people. In the process of maintaining our physical health and doing social activities, we get the chance to communicate with others. Through it we can talk to different people, the kids, the peers, the middle-ages, the seniors, and maybe get different perspectives of the same thing, which can broaden our view and let us see a brand-new world. Through this way we communicate with other souls and undoubtedly will favor us a lot in our future life. Sports and social activities can bridge ourselves with the real world through providing a plantform. They can enable us to make friends with new people and enrich our daily life. I think they are the windows from which we look out to explore this colorful world.