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Day 66/365 Hi guys, today I'd like to tell you about my "music way". How you know I'm a music teacher. Since I was a child I knew that I'll be a teacher. Firstly I should tell you about my mom,she is also a piano teacher). You can understand why I saw my future so clear since (a) childhood 😅. She was my first piano teacher,I can't say that it was easy for both of us. I must to play better than other, and worked more hours,when another children were playing outside... My mom was very strong with me. I spent about 5-6 hours every day played the piano. It was like sport. My mom told me if you want to achieve good results you need to be hardworking. I tried to do it. After my music school I went to the college. I had 2 degrees there. The first one is "Piano, accompanist, teacher" ,the second one: "Theory of music ". I met my future husband in this period. After that I know that I must to go to other city and study at the music conservatorie. I imagined about this. It is the music conservatorie name of S.V.Rachmaninov (btw, it's one of my favorite composers). It was a competition there,so I remembered like I got up at 5 am studying some subjects and by 8am I would be in the class for my own practice after lectures I always stayed there untill 9pm. ( I can't do it longer,it was last hour). My last year in the college I spent like I wrote above. Like result I've done it! I was an excellent scores,and I was there! I studied there 5 years. My main subject was a special piano. It was very interesting time. We lived in the dormitory in a big city. We need to managered our time.. I'll continue tomorrow...
16 minutes ago