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Recently, the boy band GOT7 “unofficially” disbanded after seven years of activity, as they didn’t renew their contract with JYP Ent. Surprisingly, the majority of their fans responded as if they'd seen it coming (mainly because of how the band was, allegedly, mistreated by the company). But, to me, it was a bit of a surprise since it looked like such a popular band had decided to end everything out of nowhere. Anyway, GOT7 was in the K-pop scene for quite a long time and released many quality songs. So, today, let me talk about my TOP3 GOT7 tracks. *하지하지마 (Stop stop it) It’s the lead single of GOT7’s 2014 debut album. In particular, it is a pop r&b track produced by Park Jin Young, head of JYP Ent. Personally, it does sound a lot like a JYP track to my ear. Still, all things considered, as it's written by JYP, the legendary producer himself, “Stop stop it” is a great track with catchy melodies. *니가 부르는 나의 이름 (You Calling My Name) I recently discovered this track, and it’s the lead single of the 2019 album “Call My Name.” In a nutshell, it’s one of the “anti-drop” tracks that surprise listeners with minimal choruses instead of traditional explosive ones (ex. Charlie Puth - Attention), and I really love it. I think that it's really edgy and pop-like.  *딱 좋아 (Just Right) It’s the lead single of the eponymous album “Just right” from 2015. It’s a perky, upbeat track that opens up with weird vocal samples in the intro. To me, this song comes to my mind first whenever I think of GOT7. Likewise, the image of the band is exactly the same as how they are portrayed in this music video: a group of cool, mischievous boys. So, today, I talked about my three favorite songs of GOT7. Undoubtedly, GOT7 has contributed a lot to the growth of the K-pop industry and will be remembered by so many fans. So, make sure to check out their music if you haven't yet! https://theasiansculture.com/got7-my-top3-got7-tracks/
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Olga Sapozhnikova
Help me correct this text, please. 365 days of writing prompts January 24 Ready, set, go Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. Of course, I had to write this post in Russian and then translate it. If I started writing in English right away, it would be "the weather is disgusting today." I am still very slow in writing in English. What to write about? I think I'll write about the assignment I was doing for my psychological course. In the first part, you need to be defined with your most significant values. It could be home, family, health, education, financial freedom, what you give to the world, friends. Then pick a piece of paper according to the number of values, sign your value on each, lay them out in front of you, look at them carefully and begin to remove one piece of paper at a time with the value you are willing to give up. And so on until there is only one left. Many different senses are guaranteed. Surprise, anger, rage, confusion. I watched what feelings came to me with curiosity. Then I wrote them down and looked with carefulness what values ​​I had already given up in my life, which of them remained only on paper. I learned a lot of interesting things about myself. I highly recommend trying it. Immediately I want to tear myself off the couch and start doing something. At least call my parents. Or sign up for classes about which I thought for a long time, but somehow I can not start. #365daysofwriting #365daysofwritingprompts
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