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My very first dating app experience (This is my writing practice. Would be grateful if anyone can give some feedback on this.) ——————————————————— Recently I downloaded a dating app called Goodnight. I have been chatting with some people these days and I really enjoy it. After some trials and errors, personally I can say that I had a great experience and I would like to walk you through how this app works. The main feature of it is that you can randomly call anyone and start chatting with that person without picture and video function. (how it works: you will be placed under a waiting line and the app will pair you with a random guy. You can search specific range of people by setting information like age, gender and distance. ) Maximum length of one phone call is 7 minutes. You have to spark up a conversation within the time. You can chat whatever you like. If you don't like sexual content you can set a warning on the screen. What you are gonna do is to put an effort to know that person and not let the conversation die too quickly. You may also take in some extra time working on your profile so people can have a glimpse of your interests. When the time is up, you have to decide whether you want to keep talking to this person or not. If the conversation goes well, congratulations, you may get a match and you two can chat later on. Even if you fail to make friend, it's okay. It doesn't mean you are a badly-spoken person. There's just no sparks between two of you. You should keep looking for the next one, who may end up becoming your best friend.
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