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Rupinderjeet Singh
I belong from punjab in india and i live currently in canada .My home town is famous for agriculutre and oter more good thing is there as i eplained in below paragraphs. Firstly,it is producing a lot of different variety of food ,which is very useful for others countries too.land of my home town is rich to grow every cops and maize and all kind of food is sending around the world.other people is also enjoying several foods that is in my home town and economy of home is better than other areas .strong economy is helping to get many facilites in hometown ,which is very beneficial for all of us .we have a food quality of education in schools and our students have migrated to develop countries to get higher education .so,our home town is very famous for education and other things such as banks or shoping centres. IN addition to this,in my home town has good grounds ,which is effective for children to play .grounds are helping us to keep fit and our good players are famous as internationaly.so,they all are good influence on our younger generation to keep motivating to participate in games .with the help of games ,people are free from a drug addication and it would be efficiently for us.Moreover,there are facility of hospital ,which are taking care of persons a surrounding us. We are getting best care half of prices than others hospitals and health team visits in village to educate us about blood pressure and other problems .therefore i can say that my hometown is unique than other hometowns ,which close to us. Lastly,i believe that if everyone would do best for their hometown ,they would have better outcomes and people might get any facilities in hometown .
an hour ago
Last weekend, I watched a Japanese drama.Actually, I have no idea what exactly its English name is. Let me call it “30 virgin magician ”. One of the main character is normal, unimpressive employee. He just repeated his life without sex day by day. But changes came after his 30th birthday. He was shocked that he can read other’s mind via touching. Magic really came!! Just like what his colleague said in beginning. If a man sill is virgin when 30 , he would be a magician. Unbelievable, but facts taught him nothing is impossible. So he tried to not touch anyone. One day, he found one secret of the star in their company via his magic by accident . He loves him.! He just almost frozen by this accident finding. Something must goes wrong. He thought. Who’s he? Most handsome, excellent, successful man in their company.He can handle everything perfectly. Why he loved him? It’s ridiculous! And the most important is that they are both man. He just put his eyes on star longer and longer. And he knew him more and more well via his magic,sometimes by accident,sometimes just he wanted to . More things he knew, more focus on star. And he found that he cannot stand up star sad, especially caused by himself. Finally he realized that he has been fall in love with star without notice. Happy ending! I like this drama, it’s funny, lovely and romantic. Although there is no, even one, kiss between main characters. It still makes me feel that they should be together with each other. On one can fit them more than themselves. If you have interested in this drama as well , just pls search and enjoy it. In the end, pls correct me if any wrong. Thanks a lot.
2 hours ago