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Fabiano Figueiredo
Learn a new language is difficult and sometimes exhausting, however is exciting, interesting, amazing and makes me feel like a teenager in front a someone that I like. With "butterflies in the stomach". There are too many challengers, but here there is no paper to do it, that's why I am going to explain some of them. First of all, the motivation. It has to be something that you really want, not just a thing that you "must to". Doesn't matter if the work or the school told you to do, you have to find your way to do this a good experience and something valuable to you. I believe when we find our reasons to do it, we can learn a new language and find ourselves in the middle of this. Second is time. This days are been very hard for everyone to find time for someone that we love and care, that's including ourselves. For me it is a challenge because sometimes I feel like I have to be "log in" all the time in everything what makes me feel "log off" of myself. This days I feel like I am "owing time" for my job and other obligations what makes me sick of it about this. That's why I am trying find time to myself and study english. Third, find someone can change some experiences with you. With the globalization movement it is has been more easy find some people to share something, but not always you are available or the other person. That's why for me it is been difficult, but I've found some people and they has been very pleasent to me. So find someone interested in the same as you is crucial for go throught the challenge and obtain successful in your journey and is exactly what I am trying to do right now. That are some challengers I have been passing and I hope that you can enjoy with me. If you like it, just let me know something about you. Bye and see you next time.
2 часа назад