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In 1992, Chairman Mao’s daughter, Li Na, received the task assigned by the above and went to the Three Gorges to inspect work. At that time, Liu Yuan, political commissar of the hydropower command of the armed police, received this notice and was ecstatic to wait for Li Na’s arrival at the Xiling Yangtze River bridge. Their relationship is like a brother and sister. Liu Yuan’s identity is not ordinary. His father, Liu Shaoqi, the founding father, and they only met because of their parents’ relationship. After a long time, they have established a deep friendship. When he saw Li Na, Liu Yuan greeted her cordially: “I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep when I got the news that you were coming, so I was looking forward to your early arrival” Li Na also responded happily: “I choose to come here to study, and a large part of the reason is because of you. You work here so that I can take time to see you and chat with you when I am after studying. I didn’t expect you to become a general so soon. You are really an outstanding talent.” After Li Na finished, she introduced Liu Yuan to her colleagues who went with her, which made Liu Yuan a little shy. Liu Yuan responded to Li Na’s praise “Sister, you are the same as before, still so dignified and elegant.” The two chatted for a while, and Liu Yuan led Li Na to the Yangtze bridge. He sighed and said: “Sister, this is the dam built by my comrades here. When it’s completely completed, we will write Uncle Mao’s poem on the dam: “The high gorge comes out of plain lake, which is amazing the world" (高峡出平湖,当惊世界殊)how significant!” Li Na agreed. First, she agreed with Liu Yuan’s proposal. Second, she expressed satisfaction with the Three Gorges Dam Project.
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