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Hey there!😊 I wish I had more time to post on iTalki platform, but it seems like I can't manage to get my homework assignments done on time. Therefore, here comes the lack of time that bothers me every single day and doesn't allow me to spend more time on my hobbies. I must point out that, even though I'm snowed under with an enormous amount of work, I still try to invest as much time in mastering my English skills as possible (approximately 2.5-3 hours per day). Recently I discovered an amazing youtube channel called "English Lessons with Adam" and found it immensely helpful so far! To be honest, I've actually known this channel for years now, but during this month I've been actively exploring it and diving much deeper into English grammar. I think "Natural approach" technique is an amazing method to start speaking in a language and understand other people. But later you'll definitely feel the lack of grammar skills which is going to hinder your progress. Moreover, being at C1-C2 level means you're able to write both in a formal and in informal styles, hence your writing skills have to be mastered as well. That's why it is extremely important to learn more about how a language works and start absorbing new information related to various grammar constructions, writing techniques, advanced vocabulary, etc! The aforementioned youtube channel allows students to internalize new information efficiently and start applying your knowledge of new constructions. By the way, I'm halfway through the process of getting TEFL certificate, which is so exciting as I've been working on it really hard for the past years🇬🇧🇺🇲
3 hours ago