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Essay for my CAE exam. It goes without saying that the importance of sport can offer people a wide range of benefits in their daily life. Two options such as building community spirit and releasing emotions may be extraordinary examples to focus on. Therefore, there are arguments to believe that one of them is more accepted than the other. There has been a sharp increase in the number of citizens who commence to practice sports due to the fact that they can benefit from the opportunity of building community spirit. An excellent example is what the local rugby club, The Angels, have undertaken. It is a project to support children in danger of social exclusion: providing resources such as food and clothes. Furthermore, they have implemented a radio campaign to encourage more citizens to join to this cause. Another key point is that people have realised that doing collective sports help them to release their emotions and struggle with stress. Thus, players are able to keep balance between physical and mental health. As consequence of participating in sports, never before had people swiftly improved their behaviour and sense of humour. Therefore, it has become a good tool to tackle daily obstacles. No one would dispute that both options are crucial for human beings. However, it is certainly true that being involved in projects where people can help others is a choice that many of us should follow. Therefore, it would be extraordinary if many people were consistent with this option due to it would sort an issue in today’s society.
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