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Can you help me with this, please? The relationship betwen humans and animal has been increasing along the years. Nowadays, animals or pets are part of the families as if they were a son or daughter, a brother or sister. Particularly, the connection children and animals have many favorable factors to know. The first one is the educational factor. When a kid takes care of a pet he acquires some abilities in how to be responsible. Besides, he does it in a fun way. The child learns many thing about animals at school. However, they don’t learn how looking after a pet and of course neither doing it. That’s the reason why having an animal at home can improve the education and personality of a little boy or girl. The second one is the physical factor. Having a pet occupies part of our time. In the childhood we have a lot of free time so what an animal provides to a kid is the most important. They share their time while they are playing, walking, doing sport or just sitting together on the sofa. All this shared time makes a healthy life in children’s life. They don’t waste time in videogames, computers or TV. A child with any pet tends to stay at home playing in consoles or in the mobile phone instead having fun with an animal while he breaths some fresh air on the streets. To sum up, considering the advantages of having animals and children look after them I strongly recommend adopt a pet because it will give them the best chance to learn, enjoy and respect.
19 dakika önce
Fredric Cliver
Emotion could be a huddle for keeping doing some. It gives energy, and it might be fuel. Sometimes, I'm not too fond of it. Sometimes, I’m keen to have it. Emotion has no reason. It exists upon a wave. After some blinks, I’m on the floor where I haven't been before. My soul, which I wish to have, even I don’t believe, that conquer on my sail by the name of Emotion. Like every time people faced with something, they wouldn’t face. There is the only thing to getting rid of that thing. Only one exit from the bad emotion is escaping against emotion. But after, it remains on the other side of the room of life. So, how can I have the direction? Should I become the fool of tarot card? If you say “I don’t want to that” rightly so, that point to failed for ridding of the ‘feel’, cause, that’s your wish, your desire, your point, your emotion. So, let’s suppose to be a not broken man yet. It’s not broken that emotional thing from the heart, Yet. If having an emotion can make a fail-full feel and grind your sails, there is another way where Tolstoy said before the end. You can take off your own emotion, and follow the other’s emotion, others wishes, directions, hopes. It doesn’t matter of whether which word has a positive or negative feeling. On this bridge between Thee and yous, you still have a collective emotion which makes delight the life itself, and you don’t need to feel the suffer from your inside. That’s one of the ways. Religion or collective emotion whatever language says. If it defined, there is two way of thinking, feels, and rational thinks. Suppose I use a navigator as the These, Antithese, Synthese. Maybe there is another way for it. If you don’t like prior way — yes, that means you cannot let off the emotion yet. — there is a way the throwing all the emotions. Let’s define you as the person who refuses other’s preferences and your own prefere... https://fredriccliver.medium.com/emotion-is-a-problem-4f430c6bfbd5
28 dakika önce
Angelo Borsato
La possibilità di acquisire nuove abilità è una delle cose che rende la vita umana più afascinante. Siano abilità artistiche che fisiche, culinarie, intelettuale ecc, non importa: dedicare tempo per imparare qualcosa e rendersi conto mesi dopo che hai imparato o migliorato un talento è davvero gratificante. Recentemente ho cambiato paese: mi sono transferito dall'Irlanda alla Spagna. Ho sentito un cambiamento considerabile in termini sociali: in Irlanda, uscire con gli amici o per festeggiare significa andare al pub o al bar. In Spagna certo che si fa lo stesso, però mi sono reso conto che qua è molto più commune che le persone si incontrino a casa loro per cucinare e mangiare. E questa è una abilità che non ho - o almeno non avevo! Ad essere onesti, so cucinare il basic per sopravvivere, e non molto di più. Il tempo e la pazienza coinvolti nel processo culinario mi demotivavano, però mi sono reso conto che non tutti i piatti hanno bisogno di ore ni sono eccessivamente complicati per essere fatti. Qua in Spagna mi hanno aiutato il fatto di condividere l'appartamento con un ragazzo che cucina qualcosa diversa e delizioza ogni giorno. Così, quando percepisco che comincierà a preparare qualcosa, vado alla cucina per chiacherare e imparare un po'. Inoltre, sto vedendo una ragazza che è vegana ed apassionata per la culinaria, e questo me ha anche stimolato ad avere la voglia di imparare questa nuova abilità. Negli ultimi giorni ho imparato a fare melanzane con funghi, biscotti di banana, lenticchie e strogonoff vegano. Anche, sto seguendo delle pagine di ricete su instagram, così sempre che vedo qualcosa interessante la salvo per provare a farla dopo. È um camino lungo e nuovo per me, però mi trovo davvero emozionato per scoprirlo!
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