Diccionario Real Academia Espaola is regarded as the standard dictionary of the Spanish language. The first edition of this dictionary was published in 1780, and the most recent edition was published in 2014, with over 93,000 entries and 195,000 definitions.

That is a challenging number for the average language learner.  The good news is that most Spanish speakers only use a small percentage of that number in everyday conversation. Knowing just 5,000 Basic Spanish words can make you feel at ease and confident in almost any situation.

Learn basic Spanish

We have compiled a list of frequently used Spanish words and phrases that you will find useful as you learn the language. Take these as your building blocks. You will use these on a daily basis and in a variety of settings, for both formal and informal interactions. So, let’s get started!

Basic Spanish words

ClaroOf course
GraciasThank you
De nadaYou’re welcome
¿Por qué?Why?

Formal Spanish greetings

Hola, mucho gustoHi, nice to meet you
Buenos díasGood morning
Buenas tardesGood afternoon
Buenas nochesGood night
Hola, ¿cómo le va?Hi, how have you been?
Hola, un placerHi, it’s a pleasure [to meet you]
Encantado/aDelighted [to meet you]
Hello in Spanish

Casual Spanish greetings

¿Qué onda?What’s up? 
¿Qué hay de nuevo?What’s new? 
¿Qué tal?What’s up?/How are you? 
¿Cómo va todo?How’s everything going? 
Hola, qué gustoHi, what a pleasure [seeing you]
¡Cuídate mucho!Take care! 
¡Hasta luego! See you soon! 
Build Spanish vocabulary

Basic Spanish questions

¿Cómo te llamas?What is your name?
¿De dónde eres?Where are you from?
¿Dónde vives?Where do you live?
¿Qué haces ahora?What are you doing right now?
¿Cómo hiciste eso?How did you do that?
¿Cuál es tu película favorita?¿Cuál es tu libro favorito?​​¿Cuál es tu podcast favorito?¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite book? What is your favorite podcast? What is your favorite song?
¿Te gusta _______?Do you like…?
¿Y tú?And you?

Basic Spanish responses

Every question demands a response in return. Here are some common responses:

Me llamo…My name is…
Soy…I am…
(Yo) soy de…I am from…
(Yo) vivo en…I live in…
Mi película favorita es…My favorite movie is…
Me gusta…I like…
Hay…There is…

Asking for clarification in Spanish

¿Cómo?I beg your pardon? 
¿Puedes repetir eso, por favor?Can you repeat that, please? 
¿Qué significa eso?What does that mean? 
Más despacio, por favor. Slow down, please. 
No entiendo.I don’t understand. 
No sé. I don’t know. 

Basic Spanish words related to people

Mejor amigo/amigaBest friend
Compañero/a de claseClassmate
Compañero/a de trabajoCoworker

It is also important to learn business Spanish words to use in professional settings. You need to be prepared for such conversations if you plan to do business in Spain or any Spanish-speaking region in the world. Now, let’s move towards some basic Spanish verbs:

Basic Spanish verbs

EstarTo be
TenerTo have
HacerTo do/make
GustarTo like
SaberTo know
QuererTo want
EntenderTo understand
DarTo give
LlamarTo call
ComerTo eat
BeberTo drink

Spanish untranslatable words

  • Ataraxia: a mood of total quietness and peace
  • Petricor: the smell of rain touching the ground
  • Efímero (m)/Efímera (f): something fleeting or short-lived, ephemeral
  • Perenne: something everlasting, perennial
  • Inefable: something that cannot be expressed or described
  • Pirulí: a cone-shaped sugar candy
  • Ojalá: perhaps, or “God willing.”
  •  Enamorado: the male form of “the state of being in love.”
  • Pavonearse: to strut around like a peacock
  •  Vergüenza ajena: to feel embarrassed for someone

The basic Spanish words and phrases listed above will help you get through any conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some Basic Spanish weather words?

  • Caliente: Hot
  • Frío/ fría: Cold
  •  Soleada/soleado: Sunny
  • Nevada/nevodo: Snowy
  • Ventosa/ventoso: Windy

Q. What are some Basic Spanish time words?

  • Hoy: Today
  • Mañana: Tomorrow
  • Ayer: Yesterday
  • Antes: Before
  • Después: After
  • Ahora: Now

Q. How many Latin words are there in the Spanish dictionary?

A.  Almost 75% of the words are Latin in the Spanish dictionary.


Mastering Basic Spanish words is essential to hold daily life conversations. You must also know the Spanish curse words to avoid any embarrassing situation while being in Spain. It is recommended to use flashcards to learn Spanish words and phrases. Keep these flashcards safe and refer to them whenever required.

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