The most enjoyable aspect of learning a new language is learning how to curse in it. If you are a Spanish learner, this post is going to be an adventurous ride for you. Learn some Spanish curse words so that you can use them in your time of need.

Spanish is an excellent language to curse. There’s not much more satisfying than yelling some bad words at the table you just stubbed your toe on, and doing so in Spanish is even better because of the language’s expressiveness.

In this post, we will look at some Spanish curse words and how to use them when required so stick around.

Learn curse words in the Spanish language

learn Spanish curse words


If we are going to learn Spanish curse words, we should start with this one: it is the Spanish equivalent of the F-bomb. It doesn’t, however, have the same impact. It is probably still a good idea not to start shouting it in the streets unless you have a very good reason.


‘Gilipollas,’ which translates as idiot or jerk, is one of the most commonly used curse words in Spanish. Try it on the idiot in your life with the phrase ‘no seas gilipollas,’ which translates to ‘don’t be a dumbass.’


This is likely to be one of the most useful curse words in Spanish in everyday life. Use this when you have hit your head on a low beam, overcooked your dinner, or just witnessed your team miss a penalty. ‘Mierda’ means ‘crap’ in Spanish. In the literal or, you know, how completely irritating sense.

Qué Cabrón

Many Spanish curse words do not have an exact English equivalent, even if the sense in which they are used is the same. Such as this one.

‘Qué cabrón’ translates as ‘what a big male goat’. However, it is used in the way that we would say, ‘what a jerk!’ This curse is rarely used as an angry insult, but rather in friendly banter.

La Concha de tu Madre

It translates as ‘motherf*cker’ and should never be used in friendly banter. It is a really bad word with an equally bad meaning.

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Use this as a great all-purpose insult. It is the slang for both ‘asshole’ and ‘f*cking’ and has a number of amusing applications.

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Why learning Spanish curse words is important

Because of the nature of its intonation and flow, many people describe Spanish as a ‘sung’ language. The pronunciation of the language also helps, and its consistency in this regard is one of the reasons why it is widely regarded as the easiest language to learn. Cursing in Spanish is also extremely satisfying due to the creative elements of the vocabulary.

Cursing is common in conversations between people of all ages in Spanish-speaking countries, and many curse words and phrases don’t carry the same weight as they do in English. It is still worth approaching with caution in order to avoid offending anyone or inadvertently persuading wild laughter.

Apart from Spanish curse words, you also need to learn beautiful words in Spanish as well. A language is always a combination of good and bad words. Learning both kinds of words is equally important for any language learner.

It is also worth noting that different countries have different meanings for some Spanish curse words and phrases. For example, what is considered a mild curse word in Spain may be considered a much more offensive word in Peru. Now let’s move towards some regional curse words to see what is acceptable in certain regions.

Verga – Mexican

This is a good curse word to include in your Mexican conversations. It means ‘f*ck’ but can also mean ‘awesome.’

Culiao – Chilean

This is a clever little curse that translates as ‘dumbass’ or ‘idiot.’ It is popular in Chile but not so much in other Spanish-speaking countries; however, Chileans also use it to refer to a very close friend.

Chapiodora – Dominican

This translates as ‘gold-digger’ and is only used in the Dominican Republic and a few Caribbean islands.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Maldito a cursive term?

A. Even if it is soft, it is still impolite to say, especially if you are not close enough to the person you are speaking with. “Maldito/a” is a Latin word that means “cursed” or “damned.” It is a combination of the Spanish words “mal” and “dicho,” which translates to “bad words” in English.

Q. What does estúpido/a mean?

A. It means ‘a stupid person’. This expression has a mild level of vulgarity.

Q. What is the literal meaning of ‘¡Me cago en todo lo que se menea’?

A. It means ‘I shit on everything that moves’.


If you are serious about learning Spanish curse words and the rest of the language as well, one of the best ways to do so is to combine immersive learning techniques with traditional methods of study. You can also use a Spanish translator app to translate different words in your native language.

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