Praising the beauty is necessary when it comes to expressing love to close ones. If you know the Spanish language, you must also be familiar with beauty. There are few apps to learn Spanish and they definitely make you learn how to say beautiful in Spanish.  Let us see some of the perfect ways to praise the beauty of the Spanish language.

Spanish is an extremely beautiful language. It is a well-known fact that this particular language is associated with love and romance. But, while learning Spanish, it is quite important to learn Spanish grammar very keenly. On one side, it is considered a language of love and romance but, on the other side, it has a few words that are pronounced alike but have different meanings. For example, Porque vs por que, both of these words sound alike but they differ in their meaning.

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If your ultimate goal is to learn Spanish, it cannot be achieved until you learn how to say beautiful in Spanish. This language has several words that can be used to praise beauty but the real task is to use the right word in the right context.

Below we are going to share some of the perfect ways to say beautiful in Spanish. All these ways are without any filter and provide you with a perfect word in every context. But before moving on to different words used to say beautiful in Spanish, it is very significant for you to understand why it is important to learn these words.

Why is it important to learn Spanish words for “beautiful”

Learning Spanish words for beautiful will allow you to praise someone or something in a lovely way. Praising always brings positive vibes no matter if you are praising a person or weather. Everyone loves compliments. Complimenting your loved ones will make you closer to them.

Another important reason to learn ‘beautiful’ in Spanish is the fact that it can allow you to show your love interest to someone. There are several Spanish pick-up lines and romantic phrases that revolve around the ways to say beautiful. It is such a romantic language that even those who do not speak it fluently get impressed by it. There are few words in this language that can surely help you to win the love of the person you are interested in.

Finally learning different Spanish words for beautiful will enhance your vocabulary list. Learning adjectives are very important if you want to be a master of a certain language. You can learn Spanish online with italki to enhance your vocabulary list and polish your grammar skills in Spanish so that next time you do not miss the opportunity to praise the one you love in a unique and impressive way. Here, the highly experienced tutors (of your own choice) will provide you with guidance in using the right Spanish word in the right context. You also have the ability to have a one-on-one session with the Spanish tutors to ask your questions and queries.

Following is the list of some of the most impressive and effective ways to say beautiful in Spanish.


In literal terms, Bello or bella means ‘beautiful’. But it can also be used to say ‘lovely’. These words are mostly used to describe people, places, or things that you may consider beautiful. Whenever you see something beautiful, you can use this word as your perfect expression.


The meaning of hermoso/Hermosa is also beautiful, but it is quite flexible as compared to Bello or bella. In fact, this word can have a lot of meanings such as handsome,” “gorgeous,” “noble” or “nice.” It has more flexibility in its approach.

Same as Bello/a, this word can be used to describe the beauty of a place or a person.


Bonito/bonita can also mean beautiful, but it is mostly used the similar way we use ‘pretty’ in the English language. However, it can also be used to say “lovely” or “nice.” In Latin America, this word is used to describe an action. For instance, in that, it is used as ‘nicely’ and ‘well’.

You can also see the word bonito on the menu lists of various restaurants because it is also used as a noun. It is a noun used for a fish similar to tuna.

The word Bonito/bonita can describe the beauty of a person, place, or thing. While, in Latin America, it is used to describe an action.


It is another very prominent term used to say beautiful in Spanish, but usually, it is used in the exchange of the words like pretty,” “lovely,” “nice,” “cute,” and “excellent”. Just like bonito, it is used to describe an action in Latin America i.e. nicely. It can be used to describe a person, place, or thing.


This word is similar to the English word ‘radiant’. It can also mean ‘joyful’. The word radiante can be used to describe people, places, or things.


This word is used in the context of “handsome” or “good-looking.” It is mostly used to describe people.

Other than that, guapo/guapa can be used in other contexts as well. It can also be used as a noun like ‘brave person’ and it has a variety of regional meanings. For example, in Spain, it is used to describe anything that looks “cool”. In Latin America, it can mean “gutsy,” but it can also mean “bully”. While in Central America, it is used to describe a male movie lead.


As the name suggests, it literally means ‘attractive’. It is an adjective that can be used to describe people, places, and things that may seem good-looking and attractive. As a noun, atractivo can mean “attractiveness,” “attraction,” “charm” or “appeal.”


It is used like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘lovely’. But, in some contexts, it can also be used as ‘valuable’ or ‘precious.’ This word can be used to describe people, places, and things.


While listening Mono/a, the word ‘cute’ comes to mind. It has several other meanings as well such as “lovely” or “pretty”. It is very important to use this word carefully because it can also be used for several other things. For example, as a noun, it can mean “jumpsuit” or “joker”.

In Latin America, it can mean “yellow,” and in Colombia, it can be used to mean “blonde.”


The meaning of the word bueno/buena is “good.” It can also be used to describe an attractive person but when used in this way, this word has a slightly different meaning such as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’.


Sexy/sexi means “sexy.” This word has its origin in the English language. The spelling may vary since sexy is the exact English spelling and sexi is an effort to make it more Spanish.

This word is often used to describe a person and is mostly used in movies.


Estupendo/estupenda means “stupendous,” “great” or “marvelous. It is mostly used to describe weather and places that look beautiful and eye-catching. It can also be used to describe people.  But in that case, you will use the literal definition and not ‘beautiful’.


This word is used like the word ‘splendid’. It can also mean ‘gorgeous’. Just like the words estupendo/estupenda and magnífico/magnífica, espléndido/espléndida can mean ‘beautiful’ to describe things like food and weather. It can also be used to describe things. When describing a person, it means “splendid” or “generous,” not “beautiful.”


As the name suggests, Delicioso/deliciosa means ‘delicious’. But it can also be used for the words like “lovely,” “charming” or “delightful.”

When it is used to describe a food, it usually means “delicious,” but other meanings can also be applied while describing people, places, or things.


While rico/rica typically means “rich” (in affluence or flavor) or “delicious.” However, rico/rica can also mean “cute,” and in Latin America, it can also mean “lovely.” When it means “cute” or “lovely,” it’s usually being used to describe people, but it can also describe places or things.

In some contexts, rico/rica means “rich” or “wealthy,” and when combined with estar to describe a person it gets closer in meaning to “sexy.”


These were some of the pure, without filter, and perfect ways to say ‘beautiful’ in Spanish. This, being the language of romance, can be a great support to express your feelings beautifully. It can also act as a pillar to bring people closer. If you want to learn Spanish formally, you can seek guidance from online Spanish tutors. The biggest benefit of seeking training is to develop the sense of using the right word in the right context so that you may not face any awkward or offensive situations.

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