Watching French TV shows is an effective learning strategy. It is an excellent way to hear the language in context and spoken by native speakers. Plus, it’s entertaining, and there is no better method to acquire common French idioms or ordinary French phrases than to observe native French speakers in action.

Find the best French TV shows to watch

This post will introduce you to the 7 best French TV shows that are sure to be helpful for every French learner, regardless of their level of fluency. So, let’s get started!

7 best French TV shows

This section will explore the best French TV shows available on different mediums, i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. We have mentioned the broader storyline to make choosing the one that interests you easier. Apart from these TV shows, you can also learn French by podcasts. Podcasts contain real-world topics initiated by native speakers. It is an effective learning strategy to master French at a gradual pace.

“Braqueurs” (Ganglands)

Genre: Crime drama

The show focuses on Sofiane, a young man who becomes immersed in this world in the Parisian outskirts, which is more gritty and violent than you might expect.

They approach the subject sensitively, focusing on the subtle and fuzzy lines between family and criminal relationships. We recommend it for individuals who enjoy crime dramas and want to learn about the underrepresented side of Paris. These TV shows can also serve as an effective medium to gather information regarding French-speaking countries. You must look for different knowledge-building strategies to reach French fluency.

“Dix pour cent” (“Call My Agent!”)

Genre: Comedy

This terrific and insightful show exemplifies how witty writing, good acting, and the city of Paris can all lead to a Netflix blockbuster. The sitcom follows four incompetent film agents who strive to satisfy their clients while earning from them (the French title translates as “Ten percent,” indicating the agents’ take).

When you add in real Hollywood celebrities like Juliette Binoche and Sigourney Weaver as guests, you have one of the funniest shows on the internet.

“Chef’s Table France”

Genre: Cooking documentary

This is possibly the most sophisticated cookery show on Netflix. The American version was fantastic, but as with most things food-related, the French take it to the next level, celebrating the culinary creativity of well-known French chefs—each episode focuses on one person.

The cinematography is superb, adding to the emotional impact of the stories. It’s also extremely lovely to see France through such exquisite camera technique.
The best thing about this show is the love and dedication required to become a world-renowned chef.

Explore different mediums to watch shows online

“Tour de France: Unchained”

Genre: Sports documentary series

The Tour de France, the rigorous multi-day bicycle race that travels from the French Alps to Paris every summer, is undoubtedly the most connected sporting event with France.

This series depicts the passion and determination these cyclists, and their teams must exhibit to succeed and win the most prestigious events.

“Un village français” (A French Village)

Genre: Historical drama

“A French Village” tells the story of a French community, i.e. the imaginary village of Villeneuve. The year was 1940, and German invaders attacked the village. A large number of peasants were slain in the process, and Villeneuve is now under German administration.

The series depicts how the village’s remaining people must deal with the new status quo, a condition best summarized as “adapt, or else you won’t survive.”  If you prefer military dramas set during World War II that feature more than simply warfare games, you’ll love this brilliantly directed show.

Improve your pronunciation with French TV shows

Caméra café” (Camera Café)

Genre: Comedy

“Caméra Café” elevates office coffee sipping to new heights and introduces an unexpected twist: coffee drinkers are being watched! Located in the company’s pantry, the coffee machine and its beverages serve as the conversation starter for each episode.
This satire of French professionals’ daily lives will keep you amused while teaching you a lot of jargon about corporations and office work.

“C’est pas sorcier” (It’s Not Rocket Science)

Genre: Informative

This amazing YouTube channel is dedicated to all things science. It encompasses numerous issues that are clearly relevant to the area (such as snow or electricity) and some that appear unrelated (such as religion or opera).

Jamy Gourmaud, the presenter, will take you on a mini-journey of around one minute each and tell you everything you need to know about the topic, leaving you wanting more.

It’s an excellent method to learn about topics you never knew you needed to know about. Because the language is simple and understandable, it’s a beneficial channel for everyone, especially beginners.

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Frequently asked questions

Are French TV shows available with English subtitles?

Many French TV shows are available with English subtitles, especially on streaming platforms catering to international audiences.

What genre are most French TV shows?

French TV shows span various genres, including crime dramas, comedies, thrillers, and historical dramas.

Are French TV shows dubbed into English?

Some French TV shows are dubbed in English, but many are also available with subtitles, allowing viewers to enjoy the original language and performances.


French TV offers various shows across genres like drama, comedy, and thriller, showcasing the depth and diversity of French storytelling. Many of these shows with English subtitles provide an excellent opportunity to explore French culture and language while enjoying captivating storytelling.

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