English is a widely spoken language. It is spoken in more than 70 countries around the world. Visiting the countries where you need to come across car rental companies require having proper knowledge of car parts in English. This ultimate guide will boost your English car parts vocabulary.

There are several car parts that you can learn to enhance your knowledge base related to vehicles. Some parts are related to the exterior of a car while some are referred to as interior parts. Learning car parts in English will make your visit to English-speaking countries easy and friendly.

In this guide, we will explore the exterior and interior parts of the car one by one. Let’s start with the exterior parts.

Exterior parts of the car


car parts headlights

These are the front-end lights that allow you to see where you’re going. There are two of them, one on each side of the vehicle: one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side.

When most cars are started, the running lights (low-light safety lights on the front of the vehicle) turn on automatically. Headlights can be activated at night or when it’s dark outside.

Signal lights

These are the lights at the front and rear of the car that indicate which way you intend to turn. There are two sets, one on each side, one on each side for turning right, and one on each side for turning left.


car parts taillights

These are the lights at the rear of the vehicle that alert drivers behind you when you press a brake. There are two of these as well, one on each side of the car.

Emergency lights

The same light bulbs are used in these lights as in the signal lights. In an emergency (when something bad happens unexpectedly), the emergency lights can be turned on to alert other drivers to the problem.


This is a piece of metal that spans the entire front of the vehicle. Its purpose is to minimize damage if the car collides with something.

Exhaust pipe

car parts exhaust pipe

This is where the engine’s burned fuel exits the vehicle while it is running.

Rearview mirror

This is the top-of-the-windshield mirror that allows the driver to see behind them while driving without turning and looking back.

Side mirrors

These are small mirrors on either side of the car, next to the front windows, that allow the driver to see around the car better while driving.


car parts windshield

This is the gigantic pane of glass in front of the car.

Windshield wipers

These are the blades that clean the windshield of dirt and water. They can be activated when it rains or used in conjunction with windshield wiper fluid (the liquid that can be bought to clean the windshield).


car parts engine

This is the main body of the vehicle. An engine is a multi-part machine that powers the vehicle.


This is the storage compartment (closed space) in the back of the car. A spare tire is occasionally found here. The trunk is also known as the boot or the bonnet in many parts of the world.


The engine and other car machinery are located in the front of the vehicle. There is a lever (a rod) in the car that allows you to lift the hood (open the hood of the car) and see what’s underneath.


This is the area around the car’s wheels that protects it and prevents garbage, rocks, or rubble from entering the wheel well. This is also known as the mudguard.


A sunroof is not standard on all vehicles. This is a small window on the car’s roof that allows the driver and passengers to gaze up at the sky or let in sunlight.


These are the wheel’s outer shells, which are frequently placed over the bolts that hold the wheels to the car. They are not standard on all vehicles, and they can be quite decorative. These are also known as hubcaps.

Fuel tank

This is where the gasoline is stored. A small hatch (door) on the side of the car leads to where you insert the nozzle to fill the tank.

These were the exterior car parts in English. Memorizing these can be the best way to learn English vocabulary. It will help you use different English words in your conversations confidently.

Interior parts of the car

The steering wheel

car parts steering wheel

This is the section in front of the driver’s seat that allows the driver to steer the vehicle.


This is the object that drives the car’s electronic features as well as the motor. It can be found under the car’s hood.


The radio, which is powered by a battery, allows the driver to listen to music or the news while driving. The settings for this can be found to the right of the steering wheel on the dashboard (the front inside of the car that the driver can access).

Stick shift

If the vehicle is manual, the driver must shift the vehicle into different gears (adjust the engine depending on speed). The driver can do this by using the stick shift.

Automatic vehicles immediately shift into different gears. The stick shift is used in these vehicles to shift the vehicle into drive, reverse, neutral, or park.


car parts speedometer

This dial on the dashboard shows the driver how fast they are going. A speedometer plays a significant role in letting drivers know that they need to maintain a safe speed while driving.


This is the area beside the steering wheel where the car key can be used to start the vehicle. When the car key is turned in the ignition, the battery and engine start.

The fuse box

A panel beneath the dashboard (typically under the steering wheel) can be removed to reveal the fuse box. This is where the electrical system’s control board is located.


This is the left-side pedal that stops the car when it is in motion. Brake holds great importance in the overall functioning of the car. Without brakes, a car will not be able to stop where required.


The accelerator is the pedal to the right side that makes the car move. When you press harder, the car accelerates faster.


The radiator is a water tank located beneath the hood. It’s in charge of keeping the engine cool so the car doesn’t overheat (get too hot).

The fuel injector

This piece of machinery under the hood of the car delivers gas into the engine so that the car can use that fuel to move.

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How to practice car parts in English

Looking at your car manual is one of the simplest ways to practice car parts in English (the book that explains how the car works). Most countries require that a car be sold with its corresponding manual to get help in case of any required maintenance. There are several English learning books that can help you improve your English vocabulary.

You can also use your newly acquired knowledge related to car parts by labeling car pictures available online. This particular exercise is great for the ones planning to visit any English-speaking country.

You can also create flashcards related to car parts in English. It will help you to visit these vocabulary words time and again. Learning English may seem tough to you as a beginner but if you handle your learning processes systematically, you can develop a command of English earlier compared to other languages. For example, there are several homophones names in English that can help you enhance your vocabulary list in a shorter time.  


Apart from this, there are several English quizzes available online that you can take up to test your memory related to car parts in English. Getting your hands in these activities will boost your confidence to speak English confidently and will make you feel secure about driving in an English-speaking country.

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