Are you sick of having trouble pronouncing hard English words? We are here to help you master the most challenging words, from common words with silent letters to tongue twisters that leave you speechless, so stick around!

One of the most crucial elements of learning a new language is pronunciation. Word mispronunciation can result in a lot of misunderstandings, some of which can be amusing or even embarrassing. So it makes perfect sense that as an English learner, you would want to perfect your pronunciation so that you sound as natural as possible.

A lot of people search for why is English hard to learn, one main reason is that English has a number of words that can be challenging to pronounce, despite the fact that it may not seem like the most difficult language to do so. This is primarily due to the English language’s word-stuffing from other languages.

You may have noticed that there is a discrepancy between the pronunciation and spelling of some words in English. Sometimes, a word’s spelling or pronunciation has nothing to do with one another. In English, the phonemes (sounds) and the graphemes (written words) don’t always match up linguistically.

This is primarily due to the fact that English borrows words from many other languages, including French, Latin, Greek, and German. For instance, “vacuum” is derived from the Latin word “vacuus,” which means “empty.”

We have structured this guide in the form of a long list so that you can learn the hardest English words and their pronunciation in an organized manner. But, before we get into the list, here is a course recommendation for you.

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A list of hardest English words to spell and pronounce

Don’t let this list scare you. Instead, use it to develop your English vocabulary and pronunciation.

Aberrantuh-BER-uhntDeviating from the norm or typical behavior.
Accessoryuhk-ses-uh-reeSmall thing you wear with clothes to add style.
AdamantAD-uh-muhntFirmly refusing to change one’s mind.
Adumbratead-UHM-breytTo give a vague or sketchy outline of.
Albeitall-BEE-itDespite the fact that.
AlmondAL-muhndA small, oval.
Antarcticant-aark-tikExtremely cold region in the Southern part of the world.
Apocryphaluh-PAHK-ruh-fuhlOf doubtful authenticity.
ArchetypeAHR-kih-tA very typical example of something.
ArchipelagoAHR-kih-pel-uh-gohA group of islands.
Asceticass-et-ickA person who practices extreme self-discipline.
Asteriskay-stuh-riskThe symbol: *
AthleteATH-leetA person who is skilled in sports or other physical activities.
Beguilebee-gyleTo deceive or cheat someone.
Bouquetboo-KAYA bunch of flowers.
BourbonBER-buhnA type of whiskey made primarily from corn.
CachekashA hiding place for storing away goods.
Cacophonykuh-kof-uh-neeUnpleasant mixture of sounds.
Cajolekuh-johlTo persuade someone to do something by being very friendly.
Caramelkar-uh-melA sweet, golden brown confectionery made by heating sugar.
Caricaturekuh-RIK-uh-cherA representation that exaggerates the characteristic features.
CavalryKAV-uhl-reeSoldiers trained to fight on horseback.
ChaosKAY-ahsComplete disorder and confusion.
Charcuterieshahr-koo-tuh-REEThe branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products.
Choirkwahy-erA group of singers who perform together.
ClothesklohzArticles of clothing you wear.
Cocoakoh-KOHA powder made from ground roasted cocoa beans.
Colloquialismkuh-loh-kwee-uh-liz-uhmA word, phrase, or expression that is conversational rather than formal.
Colonelker-nuhlHigh ranking officer in the military.
CoupkooA sudden seizure of power from a government.
Cryptographykrip-taw-gree-feeWriting or solving codes.
Curmudgeonkur-muhj-uhnSomeone who gets annoyed easily.
Debauchdi-bawchTo lead away from virtue; to corrupt morally .
DebrisDEB-reeThe remains of something that has been destroyed.
Debutdey-BYOOThe first public performance.
Decrepitdih-KREP-itIn a very poor condition as a result of age.
DengueDEN-gyooA viral disease spread by mosquitoes.
Deterioratedih-TEER-ee-uh-raytTo become worse in quality or condition.
Diaphanousdy-uh-fuh-nuhsLight, delicate, and translucent.
Emollienti-mawl-yuhntMaking smoother or less harsh.
Entrepreneuron-truh-pruh-nurSomeone who owns their own business.
Ephemerali-fem-uh-rulLasting for a short time.
Epistemologyep-uh-stem-awl-uh-jeeA theory of knowledge.
Equivocalih-KWIV-uh-kuhlOpen to more than one interpretation.
Faux pasfoh PAHA socially unacceptable mistake.
FiscalFIS-kuhlRelating to government revenue, especially taxes.
Gibberishjib-uh-rishSenseless talk.
GIFjifA type of animated image.
Gourmetgoor-mayA connoisseur of good food.
Grandiloquentgran-dil-uh-kwuhntExtravagant, lofty, or bombastic in style or manner.
Ingenuityin-JEN-yoo-uh-teeThe ability to think of new ideas.
Interpretin-ter-PRITTo explain or give the meaning of something.
Ischaemiais-kee-mee-uhAn inadequate blood supply to an organ or part of the body.
IslandAYL-landA piece of land surrounded by water.
JewelryJOO-luh-reeOrnaments people wear for adornment.
JurorJOOR-erA person selected to serve on a jury.
LiableLY-uh-buhlLegally responsible.
Liaisonlee-AY-zawnA link or connection between people or organizations.
LibraryLAHY-brer-eeA collection of books.
Licentiouslahy-SEN-chuhsLacking moral restraint.
Mastectomymas-tek-tuh-meeOperation to remove a woman’s breast.
MememeemA funny image in the internet.
Misogynistmuh-saj-uh-nistPerson who hates women.
Musclemus-ulA body tissue composed of cells or fibers.
MustacheMuh-STASHHair growing on the upper lip.
Nadirnay-derThe lowest point.
Narcissisticnahr-suh-SIS-tikHaving an excessive interest in oneself.
Neophytenee-uh-fytA beginner, a new participant.
Nuclearnyoo-klee-erType of powerful energy.
Nuptialnup-shuhlConcerning marriage.
ObdurateAHB-doo-raytStubbornly refusing to change one’s mind.
Panaceapan-uh-see-uhA remedy for all illness or solution for all problems.
Peremptoryper-em-tuh-reeSpeaking or behaving rudely.
Prescriptionpri-skrip-shunThe action of prescribing a medicine or treatment.
Prevaricatepri-VAIR-uh-kaytTo speak or act in an evasive way.
ProbablyPRAH-buh-bleeWith a high likelihood; very likely.
Pronunciationpro-nun-see-ay-shunThe way you say a word.
QuichekeeshA baked flan or tart with a savoury filling thickened with eggs.
Quinoakee-noh-uhA plant whose seeds we eat.
Quotidiankwoh-tid-ee-unOccurring or recurring daily, commonplace.
Regimeruh-ZHEEMA government or system of rule.
Remunerationri-myoo-nuh-RAY-shunPayment or compensation for a service or work.
RendezvousRON-duh-vooA meeting or appointment, especially a romantic one.
Restaurateurres-tuh-rer-uh-tuhrSomeone who owns a restaurant.
RhythmRITH-uhmA pattern of sounds or beats established in music.
Salmonsam-unA type of fish we eat.
ScheduleSKED-yoolA plan.
Specificspuh-SIHF-ikParticular or distinct; not general.
Sphygmomanometersfig-muh-muh-nom-uh-mee-terInstrument for measuring blood pressure.
Subtlesuht-lVery precise and difficult to analyze or describe.
SuitesweetA set of rooms in a hotel.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocioussoo-per-kal-uh-fraj-uh-lihs-tik-es-pee-shuh-li-doh-shuhsExtraordinarily good.
Surfeitsur-fitAn excessive amount of something.
Syllogismsil-uh-jiz-uhmDeductive reasoning.
Synecdochesin-ek-duh-keeA figure of speech.
Triathlontry-ATH-lonA long-distance athletic event.
Ubiquitousyoo-bik-wit-usPresent, appearing, or found everywhere.
Valetvuh-LAYA man’s personal attendant.
WintryWIN-treeRelating to winter.
Wisteriawis-teer-ee-uhA tree with beautiful pink or violet flowers.
Worcestershirewuss-tuhr-sheerA type of brown sauce.
YolkyohkThe yellow central part of an egg.
Zephyrzef-erA soft, mild breeze.
Zucchinizoo-KEE-neeA type of green summer squash.

After seeing this list, you must be wondering how many words are there in the English language. Well, the number is huge. We recommend you improve your vocabulary at a gradual pace. Don’t panic. Just keep an eye on your progress and keep moving forward. Now let’s look at some of the words that are hardest to spell.

Crustaceologycrus-tay-shee-aw-lo-jeeThe branch of zoology that deals with the study of crustaceans.
Smaragdinesmuh-RAG-dinOf, like, or colored like an emerald.
Maculaturemac-yoo-luh-churAn imperfection, blemish, or mark on a surface.
Milieumeel-YOUThe social or cultural environment in which something occurs.
Staphylococcistaf-uh-loh-KAHK-sahyA spherical gram-positive bacteria commonly found on the skin and in the nasal passages of humans.
Elegiacalel-i-jahy–uh-kuhlPertaining to or characteristic of an elegy; mournful or sorrowful.
EuonymYOO-uh-nimA pleasing or appropriate name.
Chiaroscuristkyahr-uh-SKYUR-istAn artist or photographer who uses the technique of chiaroscuro.
Succedaneumsuk-suh-DAY-nee-umA substitute or replacement for something.
Pococurantepoh-koh-koo–ran-teeIndifferent, nonchalant, or showing little interest.
Autochthonousah-TAHK-thuh-nusNative to a particular place and not originating from elsewhere.
Appoggiaturauh-poj-uh–too-ruhA grace note, typically a dissonant note that is played before the main note, and that is not part of the chord.
Stromuhrstraw-muhrA device used to measure the flow rate of fluids.


We have highlighted the hard English words and their pronunciation. We have also included their meanings for your understanding. Do follow this list and master English vocabulary at a gradual pace.

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