Learning the French language with updated and relevant content is a plus. With these amazing French magazines, you can learn about your favorite topics, such as fashion, sports, and current affairs.

This guide will explore five different types of French magazines you can use to build French language skills.

Explore different types of French magazines

5 types of French magazines for learning

These French magazines are best to learn French at home. Most of these magazines are published every month. You can choose the one that excites you and kick-start the journey of mastering French.

French puzzle magazines  

Puzzle-based periodicals provide an excellent challenge for language learners. Crosswords are often challenging even for native French speakers, so don’t give up if you find them confusing.

Mots Croisés Magazine: This French crosswords magazine offers an app that provides access to two new crosswords each day.

Tele 7 Jeux: This TV and radio news source’s puzzles include several crossword puzzles that can be completed directly on the website.

Femme Actuelle Jeux: This women’s magazine offers many forms of puzzles online, such as crosswords and word finds. There are also “cut words,” which require rearranging letter groups into words. It is undoubtedly a great tool for students.

French sports magazines

If you live locally, sports periodicals might help you find new areas to practice your abilities. For example, skiing magazines recommend the best places to spend weekends on the slopes. This encourages socializing and refining your language skills in an unplanned setting.

Watching sports news after reading the most recent edition of a sports magazine is an excellent method to combine two techniques of learning French, i.e. reading and hearing. This will supplement your reading by providing more current facts and specifics on events and participants.

Tennis: This tennis-focused magazine has been operating since 1976 but substantially modernised in 2019. It is the place to go for the most up-to-date sports news.

Skier: Hit the slopes with this skiing newspaper, which “makes the powder talk.” In addition to sport-related content, there is a large database of over 2500 ski reviews to assist you in choosing the perfect pair.

Sport & Vie: This is your resource if you want a larger perspective on sports in France and elsewhere. This journal includes articles about training, nutrition, psychology, medicine, and other aspects of fitness that prospective athletes would find helpful.

In addition to these magazines, you can also read diverse books to learn French. Books can help you expand your French vocabulary and sentence structure. Look for different ways to expand your language skills.

French literary magazines

Picking up a literary magazine in French allows you to read some of the best short stories and poetry in the French literary landscape and discover new writers and poets. Literary magazines also frequently feature recommendations for local bookstores or reading events. This is an excellent opportunity to debate recent readings with other literary enthusiasts and improve your vocabulary.

They also talk about the newest industry news, such as who has won recent awards, whose books have received positive reviews, and other interesting facts.

L’express: This weekly French magazine is a general news source, but its book section is a great place to obtain information and news about French and international literature.

Europe: Europe, founded in 1923, is a well-known and respected literary voice. Aside from book reviews and related cultural topics, this journal has published fiction and poetry by a wide spectrum of authors from the French-speaking world and beyond.

Expand vocabulary with French magazine

French fashion magazines

French fashion magazines are an excellent resource for learning new terminology related to clothing and fashion, as many pages contain visual assistance.

Marie Claire: This magazine has a long history, beginning with its first publication in France in 1937. While the emphasis, like Elle, is on women’s fashion and beauty, Marie Claire takes a less frivolous approach and discusses women’s issues, culture, finance, and other serious topics.

Cosmopolitan: Despite its reputation for providing dubious advice on all aspects of sexuality, Cosmo is nonetheless an entertaining read. The lighter nature of the majority of its content makes it an accessible alternative for lower-level learners.

If you find any French word difficult or confusing, consult a French to English dictionary. The dictionary will help you understand different words’ meanings and contextual use.

French news magazines

Picking up a news magazine is a terrific alternative to a newspaper because it usually contains more picture essays, allowing you to read articles with more visual aids. Features are lengthier and more detailed than newspaper articles, providing additional information.

Though magazines do not deliver breaking news items, they offer a unique opportunity to investigate areas of the news that newspapers do not have time for. They may update you on international events, inform you about French culture, and teach you new words.

Paris Match: This magazine comprehensively summarises current French and international news, interspersed with cultural features and celebrity news.

Le Point: Le Point is a magazine similar to Newsweek and Time Magazine that provides a more political perspective. It covers news and politics from a primarily conservative viewpoint.

Le Figaro Magazine: Le Figaro is a daily right-wing newspaper in France that first appeared in 1826. The magazine is the newspaper’s weekly supplement, with news on current events and politics and coverage of the arts and entertainment industries.

Stay updated with French news magazine

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Frequently asked questions

What topics are covered in a French magazine for learning?

A French magazine for learning typically covers a wide range of topics related to the French language and culture. This can include grammar lessons, vocabulary-building exercises, cultural insights, and tips for improving language skills.

How can a French magazine for learning help me improve my language skills?

A French magazine for learning can help you improve your language skills by giving you regular exposure to the language in written form. This can help you improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

Are there any interactive elements in a French magazine for learning?

Some French magazines for learning may include interactive elements, such as quizzes, exercises, or online components, to help reinforce learning and make the experience more engaging.


A French magazine is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their French language skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these magazines offer a wide range of content to help you enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

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