There is no one standard answer on how long it would take to learn Hindi (or any other foreign language). The time needed depends on many factors and on the motivation the learner has to study Hindi.

Some of the main factors that will impact your learning speed include:

The desired level you want to achieve

Before you embark on your quest to study Hindi online or to find a Hindi teacher, you must determine your learning goals. Do you want to learn at a beginner level or become fluent in the language?

Usually, there are three main levels when learning a new language; basic, conversational, or fluent. Basic Hindi is for everyday use and consists of common phrases, questions, and greetings, useful when visiting India or if you’ll be in contact with Hindi culture for a short time. Conversational Hindi has more vocabulary, and the student can hold a decent conversation and communicate in Hindi at a minimum level. Fluent Hindi, on the other hand, Fluent Hindi is mastering the language in and out as a native speaker.

Of course, it is faster to learn basic and conversational Hindi, and you might not even need a Hindi tutor full-time for this purpose. Fluent Hindi is quite the opposite and requires a lot of effort, long dedicated hours, and possibly a Hindi teacher to help with the lessons. Additionally, interacting with native speakers is useful to perfect the language and learn the accent and pronunciation right.

Learning method

How you choose to learn the language also matters. If you want to achieve an intermediate conversational level faster, consider enrolling in an intensive Hindi class in a language school. However, to save time, and money and have a more flexible learning schedule, learning Hindi online is an excellent option.

With dedication, sufficient learning resources, and a good Hindi tutor to complement the learning process, making great strides toward becoming fluent in Hindi is possible. If you choose to study Hindi online on italki, you can fully customize your learning process. You can take lessons that suit your schedule, work with the Hindi tutor of your choice, and pay per session that is convenient and allows self-paced learning.

Exposure to the language

You don’t have to travel to India to experience the Hindi language. Watching TV shows, and listening to Hindi music or podcasts is enough for someone interested in the language to learn a thing or two. The more Hindi you experience, the more likely it is for you to become fluent faster than someone who is learning from scratch without any exposure to the language.

Attitude and motivation

Your attitude towards the learning process also plays a role in learning Hindi faster. A positive mindset increases a learner’s motivation, which makes them committed to learning the language. If you are motivated, you will put in the work, and extra hours, and maximize resources to study Hindi. The result is becoming fluent faster.

It might take a hundred or hours to become fluent in Hindi and the time needed is different for each student. For a seamless, convenient learning process, has many experienced Hindi teachers to help you meet your goal faster. Book a trial class with us and get started today.

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