Learning international languages is very important since it makes it possible to communicate with people from different countries. Learning German is especially useful because it is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, around 130 million people speak German worldwide. Learning German has a lot of perks in social, cultural, and financial aspects.

In this article, we will introduce some of the most efficient ways to improve your German grammar and language skills.

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Online learning to improve grammar

You can learn German online or offline. Online may be the best fit for people who cannot find or attend German language classes and for those who live far from German-speaking countries.

Online German classes will take you through the basic and advanced grammar rules, and you’ll be asked to do specific grammar exercises after each lesson. The biggest disadvantage of attending German online courses is that very often you don’t have an appointed teacher to ask questions to, and you are often left with doubts and unanswered questions.

You can also use the free online tools to improve your German grammar. Watching German shows or reading books is always very helpful. You can also join online groups with other students who learn German as a foreign language. The advantage of joining learning groups is that you can freely ask questions, and discuss grammar points and rules. Many of these online study groups are hosted by German teachers or native speakers.

Offline learning to improve your German grammar

Of course, you can also improve your German grammar with the help of traditional tools. You can look for a German teacher in your locality. They will guide you as you study German and improve your grammar. You can also look for in-person German language courses in your city or neighborhood.

There are also many mobile apps that help people learn German grammar and test their knowledge. You can find such apps on the Google Play Store (if you use an Android smartphone) or on the App store (if you use an Apple phone). You can download and install an app that works offline. In this way, you can study and practice whenever you want and have time.

You could also install a German-to-English dictionary to build up your vocabulary and look up new words. Many mobile dictionaries also work offline.

How to test your German level and improve your German grammar

To test your level, you can change the language of your mobile phone to German and see whether you can still work with it and find everything you need. Of course, in the beginning, you will have some unknown words but with time you’ll get used to it, and you’ll learn new German words.

Another great way to test and improve your skills is with the help of a professional German teacher. A private teacher assesses your level and comes up with a personalized plan for you to study German and improve your grammar. They will point out your grammar mistakes and help you correct them.

You can also take online quizzes and language tests to evaluate your current level and make progress in the language.


In conclusion, you should choose between learning German grammar online or offline according to your availability. To improve your German grammar you have to learn regularly and set up a learning routine. Fortunately, there are many online or offline means to learn and improve your German grammar. Nevertheless, one of the most effective ways is to study with a private German teacher.

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