Do you want to become fluid in German? If you have set your mind to do that… you are already on the right path. Learning a language starts with the correct mindset. You might have heard that learning German might be hard, but we have to say that becoming fluent in German is not impossible. A language like German requires perseverance, and it is important to know that learning a language is based on a learning curve.

To achieve your German language goals, you can follow this list of tips we have gathered for you so you can have an easier time. But remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg, you have to be ready to put in the effort, the time and if possible to have a German teacher to be with you along the way.

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Why should you become fluent in German

A widely spoken language in Europe

One of the reasons to learn German is that it is the most widely spoken language in Europe when it comes to the number of native speakers. German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg, as well as parts of Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland. It is also the native language of many people in Eastern Europe. More than 100 million people speak it as their mother tongue, and more than 80 million people speak it as a second language.

Although it is the official language of only a few Central European countries, German is very attractive because of the political and economic importance of these countries, their excellent educational systems, their relevance in research and science, and their weight in the tourism industry. It is spoken by 32% of Europeans: 24% as a native language and 8% as a foreign language.

Expand your professional horizons

Undoubtedly, the main reason to learn German is work. Austria has the lowest unemployment rate of the Eurozone countries; Switzerland is one of the richest countries with the best working conditions; the engine of Europe, Germany, offers great job opportunities to anyone who wants to work. But a good command of German is a prerequisite for working in these countries. Many people have tried their luck and emigrated from their home countries in search of work, but this is not easy without knowing German.

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The range of professional possibilities opens up when you speak German, whether in companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or any other country, as it probably has commercial ties with a German-speaking country. There are many fields in need of skilled workers, and many companies offer jobs and finance German language studies in parallel. Many of the headquarters of European institutions, such as the European Central Bank or EIOPA are located in these countries.

Learning German may be what you need to develop your career. Knowing German will also make it easier to create or maintain working relationships with German-speaking partners in your country. It will undoubtedly help to strengthen ties and close business deals.

Becoming fluent in German: 6 steps to success

Now you have your mind focused on becoming fluent in German, it is time to put your hands to work. Remember that it is always a good idea to have a German teacher that can help you along the way. Also, remember that you can take advantage of the technology, and you can use the Internet to learn German online.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your language-learning experience.

1. Focus

Distractions are elements that always delay our learning process, so do everything in your power to avoid distractions and everything that takes you out of your focus. Ideally, when you are going to study, you should do it in a place where you can be calm and concentrated during the time you are going to dedicate to the day.

Having a German teacher can be great to have an accountability partner and make proper advances in learning the language.

2. Be organized

If you establish an action plan with objectives and goals, you will be able to work towards them and also be able to monitor your progress. It is important to have a learning path and stick to it. This will do wonders for your language learning experience.

3. Immerse yourself into the language

Listen to music, watch movies, and if you are in the city where the language is practiced, try to initiate simple conversations that force you to use the language. For example, go buy breakfast or ask for directions.

4. Dictionaries can be helpful

Dictionaries will allow you to correct and clarify any of your doubts. Some dictionaries have explanations in German. These are ideal if you have an intermediate level of the language.

5. Improving your spoken German

To improve your German conversation and gradually become more fluent, repeat the dialogues and texts that are used in songs, movies, or if you are learning German online. You can also make new sentences and add them to the ones you are learning every day.

6. Improve your reading

To improve your reading skills, try to follow these steps: first look at the text in general, then identify keywords, determine what the main theme of the text is, look closely at the structure of the text, and identify the main characters, events, context, etc.


German is not an easy language to learn, but when you manage to master a part of it, when you start to notice progress in your learning, and when you understand texts or conversations more easily, the satisfaction with yourself is unmatched.

German is not learned overnight, but that is the challenge, and that is why there is so much demand for professionals who speak it. If you are one of those people who like to give the best of themselves, to continuously improve themselves, full of vitality and willpower, learn German and feel that personal satisfaction, the pride for your improvement!

Finally, if you want to become fluent in German, don’t forget that taking classes with a German teacher will do wonders for you. If you are determined to improve your skills, give italki a try. Book a trial lesson and see how your language learning experience will improve.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your German tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

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