Willkommen in Deutschland or as we say ‘Welcome to Germany’. Most probably, the first thing you are going to do after getting to Germany is ordering yourself a drink. In this blog post, you will learn how you say beer please in German.

Ordering a drink in another country usually gets stressful due to language barriers. Learn German in 3 months to order your drink like locals. In this post, we will share with you some of the easiest yet most interesting tips to learn how to order beer in German. So let’s get started!

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Seat Yourself

In German beer halls or clubs, you normally do not have to wait to get seated. They are highly efficient in this regard. They do not believe in meaningless waiting. Unless you face some rare circumstances, you can just be seated and feel yourself at home. You are now ready to order yourself your favorite beer.

You can just say “Bier!” to your server if you want to order beer but that will not make you sound like a native speaker. You will have to use the proper sentence if you want to order the beer of your choice.

Explore your beer choices

It is very important for you to know your beer choices. Many breweries in Germany follow German Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law). According to this, there are four ingredients that can be used in German beer. These ingredients are water, hops, yeast, and barley. Many breweries do not follow this law anymore.

In Germany, beer is not just a simple beer that is found in the majority of areas of the World. They have plenty of options when it comes to making beer choices. Germany has its native drinks. The drink you find in one area may not be present in the other ones.

It is only possible to learn about a foreign culture when you allow yourself to immerse in it. For that, you will have to undergo research on the culture, food and drink preferences, and people of the particular area.

When it comes to beer, there are several types of beer being served in different parts of Germany.


Yes, you just got it right! There are several different ways to pronounce this particular word but they mean a similar thing to the English word pilsner. This type of beer is normally available in all regions of Germany.

It is light yellowish-brown in color and has a bitter taste due to the hops present in it.

Weißbier (vaiss bee-uh) / Weizenbier (vait-sen bee-uh)

This type of beer is from the Southern German state of Bavaria. This is a wheat beer with the taste of banana and cloves. It is usually served in a tall glass and is considered to be the favorite drink among the native residents.

Do not forget to order a Weißbier during your Tour of Munich. It will make them think you are one of the locals!

Berliner Weiße (literally, “Berlin white”)

This is also a wheat beer normally served in a short and wide glass. The beer has a shade of red or green. This unnatural color is due to either Himbeersirup which is a raspberry syrup or Waldmeistersirup which is a woodruff syrup. Both these syrups normally come with beer.

Hefeweizen (literally, “yeast wheat”)

Hefeweizen is a cloudy beer that is extremely popular in nearly all parts of the world. This type of beer has the largest amount of alcohol. It has rich color and flavor. It has no artificial syrup added.

Hefeweizen is normally served in a curved-shaped glass, not in a bottle.

Schwarzbier (black beer)

Schwarzbier is darker in color. Its dark color is due to the presence of its high roasted malt content. It is quite similar to the dark stout that most English speakers are familiar with.

This type of beer is not a top seller but one of its varieties is normally present in bars almost all the time.

Helles Lager (hell-es lag-uh)

In German, hell means light. This type of beer is a light pale lager. It has a delicious malty taste. This beer is considered to be one of the most delicious beers served in Germany.


This beer has its origin in Köln (Cologne). This beer is quite similar to a pilsner but it is less bitter in taste.

Order like a native speaker

You have several options to start your sentence just like you normally do in English. The basic trick is the same in the German language but below are the three most common ways you can use to start your sentence.

Ich möchte… (I’d like…)

This is the most common way you will see in German books that you can use to make a request or wish. This phrase is commonly used by foreigners as it is short and easy to remember and it is also a good way to start your conversation.

The pronunciation of ö and ch becomes hard for most people but the good news is we have German teachers that can help you correct your pronunciation of German words.

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At italki, you can find your German tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

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Ich hätte gerne… (I’d like to have…)

This one is longer but it is also easy to memorize and pronounce. This is a very common way for Germans to make a desire and that is why this one is widely used in Germany by its native speakers.

The phrase is a bit longer but overall the pronunciation is easy and can be a good way to start your sentence while placing your order for beer.

Für mich ein/eine/einen… (For me, a…)

This one is rarely used because of its formal structure but it is equally valid. This one is also a reminder that you need to consider the gender of German words before designing the structure of your sentence.

Since it’s neuter, ein Bier (a beer) would be the most general selection. The important point is no matter which option you opt always start with bitte that means, please. The use of please makes your request sweet and humble.

Drinking Like a German

After following all the points mentioned above you now know how to order beer in German. All you need to do is to pick your favorite Bier and place your order in the most fashionable way by using the tips properly.

Now one of the most important points associated with beer is to learn how to say cheers in German. Once all the people are served their beers you can just raise your glass and say either “Prost!” or “Zum Wohl”! Both of these words mean cheers in German. Saying cheers during drinking beer is quite essential as it not only makes you feel cool but also helps in building a great community with the people.

Not in all the gatherings but in small and informal gatherings where you are sitting at the table with several people sharing the space you’ll want to clink your beer glass with each one of your friends. In that case, always try to look the other person in the eyes. If you do not look into the other person’s eyes it will make the whole situation quite awkward and uneasy.

Just try to keep the time family-friendly. Look people in their eyes and try to socialize in the best possible way. Say “Prost!” or “Zum Woh” to clink your beer glass. And enjoy some quality time and your favorite beer.

After following all these tiny rules you are now more than ready to order your beer like a native German speaker.


There are several beer types being served in Germany. Before placing your order for the beer, you will need to explore several types to come up with your selected one. There are different ways to start your sentence for placing an order that you can use. But never forget to be polite in your approach.

You can learn German online to be proficient with its tone and techniques. This will help you to know which words to use in certain situations and circumstances. Before getting into the bars of any country it is essential for you to learn the basic language tones that are used there.

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After placing your order in the best possible way, do not forget to socialize with the people around you. Say cheers to them and clink your beer glass with each one of your friends if you are having an informal sitting with them.

When you will sound like a native speaker it will automatically boost your confidence. You will see yourself speaking German with great confidence and ease. It will also make you comfortable to place orders for not just beers but also for other things including food and grocery etc. Learn German online now if you are planning your trip to Germany anytime soon because once you get there you will definitely have to place your order for beer if you really want to enjoy your trip!