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2 Most Powerful Words To Use in an Interview! The prospect of a formal job interview may make you feel nervous, but with some advance preparation, you can confidently communicate your value as a job candidate. Using interview keywords Presenting the best answers about yourself and your job experience and skills is only part of the process of preparing for an interview. It is also important to know about the company. Certain keywords can help you present yourself in a positive light to a prospective employer. They can guide and frame a conversation around vocabulary that is familiar to a job candidate and an interviewer. 1. I can, I will. Phrases like “I can contribute …” and “I will offer my strengths in this way …” show that you are positive and confident in the gifts and talents you bring to a company. The word “will” implies conviction and ability. Example interview question: Why are you a good fit for this job? Example answer: “I am a good fit for this job because I can produce results. In my last job, I sold the highest number of customer maintenance plans for three quarters in a row.” 2. I look forward to As soon as you have been granted an interview, you can respond with something like, “I look forward to the chance to discuss what I can bring to your company.” It is positive and hopeful language that shows you have confidence in your abilities. Example interview question: How do you respond to new project assignments? Example answer: “I look forward to the first project planning meeting with a new team. Listening to everyone’s input and ideas helps everyone get to know each other and figure out what roles we will take on.” Imagine speaking this way, a way that you communicate confidence, positive attitude and strength of character in a polite and respectful manner, what will happen if you'll communicate this way? If you are a businessman, a worker or a student - we can prepare you for your next event! Book a one-on-one with me now!
Mar 21, 2023 10:04 AM